*Zoning of political offices stands for equity, justice and fairnes*


It appears that the conversation concerning zoning of political offices in the entire country as the race to the 2023 general elections hots up is showing no signs of abating. Zoning has been identified as a panacea for settling perceived marginalization of a section or group in the distribution of political positions.
At the beginning of the current democratic dispensation in 1999 major registered political parties then took counsel to consider the South West to produce the next Nigerian President. This was roundly seen as a bold and justifiable means to pacify the South West geo political zone whose son in the person of Alhaji Moshood Kashimawo Abiola believed to have won the 1993 presidential election was denied his ascention to power but was rather eliminated in mysterious circumstances to put a stop to his spirited fight to actualize his mandate. The political elites then was said to have resolved to entrench the principles of rotation between the major geo-political zones to balance out perceived marginalization, inequity and injustice against those considered as weak stakeholders.

It is important to mention also that most states in the Federation followed and adopted this zoning arrangement in their various localities to suit their own peculiarities. In Enugu State for instance, notable leaders of thought was said to have gathered in a move to stave off political bickering among the federating /cultural units which has come to characterize our polity anytime there is an impeding general elections. The entire Enugu and its communities will boil for days on end because of the activities of desperate politicians who have positioned themselves to take all that there is to take as political prizes. We have witnessed an Era where lives and properties immeasurable in their values are destroyed in the name of dragging for political positions. That was exactly in the years gone by, until the leaders of thought came together to say that enough was enough. I’m certain that since this resolution was taken, it has been a relative smooth ride as no zone was allowed to hit up the polity unduly. The zones that will produce what as general elections draw closer is often determined in a peaceful atmosphere. The zones concerned will in turn be allowed to do their home work to present to Ndi Enugu the best of their best from whom the electorates can choose from. This is still the situation which has greatly doused political conflicts around the state and even the country at large.
It is very sad to imagine that a process that had largely guaranteed peace and equity in the land is now being ridiculed and an attempt even made to jettison it to satisfy personal goals and aspirations. The activities of the desperate and powerful individuals who wants to have their way all the time as long as they have enough cash to control and buy people over is seriously worrisome.

But amidst the political brouhaha even at the central stage where the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party is yet undecided on whether or not to go on with its zoning principles started since 1999, a man of peace who struts the political stage like a colossus in Enugu State has vowed to follow the part of dialogue where the tenets of equity, justice and fairness will be diligently followed to determine the way of Enugu politically post 2023. Ugwuanyi himself is a product of zoning and understands that a society can only advance in an atmosphere of peace, love and harmony.

Those who are bent on truncating this new found basal peace should pause to examine their consciences and ask themselves if what they seek now is worth more than millions of lives which their antics may eventually destroy if they do not allow peace to reign. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should be supported to make this enduring legacy outlive its progenitors. So shall Enugu remain in the hands of God.


Written by

Chinyere Okafor

Media Team Member of


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