_Governor Ugwuanyi is an unrepentant believer in God ~ Chief Charles Ngene have shot the wrong arrow_



A man of unshakable faith in the God of Abraham and Issac and the awesome God of David while ascending the political throne as the leader of Ndi Enugu in 2015 felt that alone as a human, he cannot achieve any meaningful development in Enugu if he does not constantly call on this Awesome God for His divine intervention. The nation’s political trajectories and indeed the world over is replete with tales of the activities of ubiquitous cabals around the corridors of power. These cabals for all intents and purposes are the political power bloc and have capacity to sway whoever is at the head of the government to do their bidding no matter whose ox is gored. The head of the government it will appear, may never have a mind of his or her own or the will power to carry out any meaningful activity except what the supposed cabals may have decided. Daring this powerful bloc around government circle is like challenging one’s ‘Chi’ (god) to a suicidal contest. It is in view of the foregoing which characterizes the life of an average leader in the corridors of power that impelled a humble child of God to hand over the affairs of Ndi Enugu to God Almighty.
Has is it been a relatively smooth sail seven years down the road with Gov. Ugwuanyi as the captain of Enugu ship?. Almost every single citizen of Enugu wherever he or she is domiciled would readily agree that there is a serious transformational journey from what it used to be to what we are currently experiencing. It is a serious indication that when God is involved in every aspect of human endeavor, things can only get better. Prior to Ugwuanyi’s transformational leadership, and I say this with all sense of modesty, the level of intolerance to opposing political views is something that should be imagined than experienced. Strong political opponents with acerbic political views were often sent to Siberia thereby infusing fear in the minds of the citizens who have the responsibility of speaking truth to power.
It is on record that a particular administration was reputed to have organized secret agents whose duty is to sniff out those with opposing views to government policies and programs no matter how injurious to the people and snipe them out to golgotha. What have we not witnessed in Enugu State prior to 2015, when God is His infinite mercy decided it is time to allow a man stewed in integrity, humility and honesty to mount the throne of political leadership at the Lion Building. From what we have already seen and experienced, governor Ugwuanyi have not done badly in his government of inclusion without a care about clan, political or religious views. So why would one in his or her right senses decide to honor the script of a joy killer, a sadist, an incorrigible propagandist? Is it all in the name of 2023 general elections and the race to grab political power by fire, by thunder without a care in the world if adopted strategy justifies the end.

When it is agreed by some school of thought that all is fair in war, we should equally be mindful that the awesome God of Abraham, Isaac and David is watching from the throne and would requite everyone accordingly. Every single soul must prepare to give account of his or her actions before the Maker of the Universe. Finally for the Ngenes and his ilk making this futile attempt to smear the character of a man whom God has chosen to lead His people and whom the people are crying day and night to bequeath them with another good soul in the stature of Ugwuanyi, the day of reckoning is just by the round and you will face the judgement throne of your Maker. Only then, you will realize that you are truly alone without your master backers. But you can still redeem whatever is left of your battered image if you choose to repent of your sins of perfidy. A stitch in time, they say saves nine.

Enugu State will forever remain in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people”

Chinyere Okafor
Media Team Member of
Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement.

Bibian Anekwe News


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