Again Governor Ugwuanyi Shines Out Amongst Contemporaries


I have lately pondered how politicians in our clime can remain true to type, yet able to accomplish uncommon feats in socio-political and economic trajectories. Everyone familiar with our socio-political terrain would readily admit that those who present themselves for any leadership position can at best be described as charlatans who know next to nothing about what leadership entails. Yet, they would readily tell all those who care to listen that have come to wipe away tears from every cheek and they would build an eldarado from a decomposing environment and from a dejected society, a glorious one where security of lives and property will reign Supreme.

A quick check on both past and present crop of leaders who traverse our estuary like overlords of the manor will reveal that rather than remain faithful to their overreaching promises, the simple task reserved to government to make life a lot easier for the people are even harder still to accomplish. More often than not, only government functionaries and those close to the corridors of power are seen to be enjoying the dividends accruing from the government. A government which can no longer guarantee the lives and properties of its citizens should rightly seize to exist or function so that citizens can be allowed to provide for personal safety and other socio-economic narratives.

Available checks have revealed that among the hordes of political leaders who parade themselves as leaders of the people, one man in the person of governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi (Gburu-Gburu) has remained as resolute in the discharge of his given mandate as he is pragmatic in the execution of the mandate. Little wonder then, why he had remained the toast of many individuals and corporate bodies alike. No day passes without his mention in one thing or another relating to what he was able to accomplish in many socio-political and economic diverse developments. Gburu-Gburu is the one man to beat when it comes to incubating vision, analyzing vision and and giving it a physical frame that adds outstanding value to the people. It is in recognition of this outstanding qualities of the Governor that the the Champion Newspapers limited found it extremely expedient to award Governor Ugwuanyi the ‘Most Outstanding Security Conscious and Peaceful Governor of the Year 2020’

Gov. Ugwuanyi was among the dignitaries honoured at the Champion Newspapers 2020 Awards, held in Lagos recently where the Newspaper outfit re-echoed what has remained largely visible and a defining character of the person of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Service oriented! Service driven!

The Group Managing Director/Editor-in-chief of the Media outfit, Mrs. Nwadiuto Iheakanwa was emphatic that their choice of Gov. Ugwuanyi as the Most Outstanding Security Conscious and Peaceful Governor, came through a painstaking selection of their Editorial Board and had therefore pleased the outfit to recognize leaders like Ugwuanyi and other institutions who are seen to have paid a greater sacrifice in ensuring that the objectives and ideals of our nationhood are nourished and sustained.

Mrs. Nwadiuto specifically said of governor Ugwuanyi, “On all scores, our findings, largely corroborated by that of independent assessors, confirm that Enugu State under your watch has become a model state in terms of value creation in the art of governance courtesy of unequaled attention and priority to securing lives and property in the state thus making it possible for businesses and entrepreneurship to flourish in Enugu”.

“We note, with delight Sir, the uncommon zeal and pragmatism with which you have pursued the business of transforming Enugu State into becoming a resourceful state”…

Most importantly is the patriotic and noble steps in transforming the state into becoming home for all through your adequate provision of security; a pre-requisite for meaningful development”…

As watch dog of the society, it is our duty not only to track and document your sterling performance but also to acknowledge your commitment and love for your state in particular and the country in general”, she had concluded.

What a Stimulating and encouraging comments coming from a reputable Media Organization as the Champion owned and operated by no mean person in the person of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, an ebullient son of Igbo. Champion Newspaper should equally be commended for their state of patriotism and courage in recognizing excellence where it is found. We can only add our voice thus, that a child who is asked to continue in a particular fashion is being encouraged due to his good deeds while a child who is asked to drop his deeds should note that his deeds are not only despised but abhorable.

Gburu-Gburu and Enugu state remains in the hands of God.

BIBIAN ANEKWE NEWS… ADDED.. Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. Gov. Ugwuanyi remains the best among equal

Written by

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke

Public Affairs Commentator.

Media Team Member: Enugu di n’akachukwu movement


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