This article is a timely response to the lies and false accusations directed to the person of His Excellency, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the executive governor of ENUGU STATE as peddled by one Arc. Jonathan Emejulu in a recent article published in some news platforms. In the article, Emejulu claimed to have bought a piece of land measuring about four hundred plots from Umuenwene, Iji Nike, in the year, 2008 with all the documents intact but since then has been at loggerheads with several parties who have as well continued to lay claim to the ownership of the property. Emejulu who claimed that his properties had recently been demolished by the state government after he dared to destroy some structures and some kilometres of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport’s fence last week, in his submission accused Gov. Ugwuanyi of going after his life due to the same property that even the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria is also claiming to be rightfully in possession of.

Nevertheless, the family of one Mr. G.O.D ENEH of Udi Local Government Area of ENUGU STATE have come out to say that the same land belongs to them and they have come up with a deed of lease signed and sealed on November, 4, 1958 as gazetted by the government. In a press briefing yesterday, 25th, August, 2020, the two sons of late George ENEH and Garry ENEH along with their lawyer, Barrister Udenze while presenting their evidence lending credence to their rightful possession of the property implored the state government to do a well researched and painstaking investigation on all the claims presented by all the parties laying claim to the ownership of the property and do the needful.

The ENEHS further disclosed that in the wake of the expansion and upgrading of the Enugu Airport which had to as a matter of urgency affect the property, that the family had wisely, humbly, respectfully and cautiously written initially to the Aviation Ministry for compensation and were already expecting some positive response before Arc. Emejulu undertook to start the destruction of some structures within the premises in a desperate and fraudulent claim to the ownership of property.

In their statement, the ENEHS declared” our attention has been drawn to the so called execution of judgement in suit No.E/165m/2010 by one Mr. Emejulu purporting to own a portion of Akanu Ibiam International Airport , Enugu State designated free trade zone. Please, be informed that Emejulu is not the only one in court in respect of the free trade zone.”
They further stated that” The Eneh estate is before Enugu State High Court in suit No.E/90/2019 on the same subject matter (Enugu Free Trade Zone.)

The ENEHS who claimed their father bought the property in conflict from the late Nike monarch, Igwe Nnaji before conclusion disclosed that the said Emejulu who has been trying deliberately to tarnish the image of the governor is also” … a litigant in an ongoing suit No.E/642/2016 adjourned after the last hearing date in court 6 , Enugu State High Court, to September, 21, 2020 in a matter similar in every particular, surreptitiously approached another court in Enugu State for a motion ex parte to invade or ‘execute’ judgement in the location of interest. Therefore, the ENEHS believing that EMEJULU’s so called judgement is ” … fraught with lies and bad faith” hopes that such kangaroo verdict will be set aside in future after due investigation by the state government through the office of the Attorney General of the Federation.

In inference, having thoroughly investigated the raging intentional and unwarranted blackmailing of the noble governor of ENUGU STATE; His Excellency, Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi by the obviously greedy Emejulu, ENUGU DI N’AKA CHUKWU MOVEMENT, a non-gover mental organisation of less privileged bent on supporting and encouraging even development of ENUGU STATE and its neighbourhoods in view of the above premises without fear or favour demands for the sake of peace that the controversial Arc. Emejulu Jonathan should not only publicly apologise to Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi both to the whole good people of ENUGU STATE for attempting to denigrate and tarnish the image of their performing governor or risk attracting the wrath of the people.


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