Ali Baba Recovers From COVID-19, Shares Experience


Veteran Nigerian Comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba, has recovered from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

He made this known in a video on his Instagram page on Monday where he narrated his experience while at the Yaba COVID-19 isolation centre in Lagos State after contracting the novel disease.

The comedian disclosed that many people died during his time at the isolation centre, urging Nigerians to follow the COVID-19 guidelines put in the place by the NCDC and the state government.

Ali Baba reminded everyone of the need to continue to keep safe as the virus is not a joke or scam as widely speculated by many Nigerians.

He also sympathized with all those who have loved a lost one to the virus and also warned Nigerians about the second wave of COVID-19 that has been reported to be deadlier than the first wave.

Ali Baba added that he spent his Christmas and New Year holidays at the isolation centre, saying that his experience in the center was a life-changing one.

He also commended the Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and all medical professionals fighting against the spread of the disease in the state.

He said: “The second wave of COVID-19 is deadlier than the one before. People are dying — pastors, doctors, professors, billionaires, poor men, less privileged… people are dying everyday. Those numbers you see are not fake.”

“I have spoken with people who attended parties and died two days later. COVID-19 is real, don’t let anyone decieve you. Anyone who tells you COVID-19 is scam, don’t trust the person.”

Ali baba added: “Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a scam. I just came out of isolation. Several people died while I was there. Some of my close friends knew and they were very supportive.

“COVID is real. Observe all the protocols. People are dying. And it’s not a joke. In fact, anyone who says COVID is a scam is a compound idiot and a fool.”


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