Celebrating the new year in an uncommon way – What manner of man is Gov Ugwuanyi?


Gov Ugwuanyi of Enugu State have gone to celebrate new year with the down trodden and the less privileged of the society in the first day of 2022. On new year dear, he went to so many homes and less privileged people to celebrate new year with them. This is what he has been doing every year since he became governor.

He started the visit at the Babies Home of the Nigerian Red Cross office at Ogbete Enugu in an unscheduled visit. There he celebrated the motherless babies at the home. He gave them gifts and came down to their level to play with them. From there, he went to Special Baby Care Unit of Mother of Christ Hospital at Children’s Ward. He related well with the children and care givers there and made fund available for their proper upkeep and medication.

Gov Ugwuanyi did not stop there, he proceeded to Cheshire Home at Uwani, Enugu. Cheshire Home is home for the physically challenged people. It is a place where many people will like to avoid especially on a special day like new year. This is where you see what you may not wish to see in life. That is where Gov Ugwuanyi choose to celebrate his new year. There are some deformities and challenges in life that is better imagined than seen. There, Ugwuanyi saw it all and celebrated with them. He gave each of them handsome gift before leaving.

Ugwuanyi also went to the Home for the Elderly at Ufuma Street Achara layout Enugu. The home is managed by Little Sisters Of The Poor, Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Enugu. There Gov. Ugwuanyi met with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, His Lordship Most Rev. Calistus Onaga who celebrated Holy Communion service with the elderly. He joined them in the Eucharist service and was there till the end of the service. He gave the residents of the home handsome new year gift and they were all happy for his visit.

Just think of it. Gov Ugwuanyi was not in his house receiving visitors, he was not in his village for new year celebration, he was not in the cathedral praising God, he chose to visit the down trodden and celebrate with them. What manner of man is Gov Ugwuanyi?. The happiness of all the people in Enugu State is his concern. Our prayer is that as he remembered the down trodden, so shall God remember him all the days of his life. We say with a loud voice that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe news added; “If you are a leader, the true measure of your success is not getting people to work.It is getting people to work hard together. That takes commitment.”

Leonard Ugwu writes from Enugu.


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