As the party primaries draw near, there are visible indicators that there would be various forms of political permutations and schemings. Everyone wants to identify with the Gov.Ugwuanyi both directly and indirectly as many share in the belief that whoever he anoints, automatically become the consensus candidate. In reality, the above assumption may not sail through based on political events which unfolded in the recent time. For instance, in struggle for the position of House of Representative, Oji River/Awgu/Aninri Federal Constituency, some persons would have thought that Gov.Ugwuanyi would hand pick who ever he wants from the agitating area.But in the interest of peace and fairness which he had not only preached but exemplified, admonished the parties involved to go back and reach a consensus.

Given the existence of a formidable political structure built over the time as a result of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s commitment to good governance, climbing to the ladder of leadership in Enugu State can only be easier for those aspirants who share similar belief with the Governor which is consolidating on good governance and inclusive leadership. One need not to be surprised at the newly found model because while pursuing for a better Enugu, Gov.Ugwuanyi had continued to foster a common understanding among various political actors especially the touted party’s gubernatorial candidates. Gov.Ugwuanyi had not relented in offering a level playground for the gubernatorial candidates which his successor among them, would flow well with the policy of inclusion and good governance which he had stood for.

Gov.Ugwuanyi’s actions furthers confirms the position of Chairman, PDP Electoral Committee, Prince Vincent Yandev Amaabai, who maintained that ever since the current National Working Committee(NWC) came onboard, no negative report had emanated from Enugu State. However, the above assertion should be a point of reference to both the present and incoming political actors in their subsequent political endeavors especially in their quest to mount leadership saddle. Regrettably, such positive affirmations including other numerous commendations credited to our amiable Governor will not find its way to the discussion tables of the so called political slanders but would rather  twist the narrative to suit their selfish interests.
The lies peddled by the confusionists and mischief makers is like a bullet fired in the air. Once it gets to a certain point, the bullet would descend and may, possibly hit the gunner.

The recent publication of allegations of imposition of Governorship candidate heaped on Gov.Ugwuanyi, is not only untrue but belittles the news carrier, Sahara Reporters which the people had held in high esteem as one of the nation’s famous media enclave, which had over time shown excellence in news reportage and information gathering. Engaging in such degrading enterprise shows that Sahara reporters has not only lost touch of it’s expertise on investigative journalism but has found itself in the comity of undistinguished media outlets who unleash and churn out hook, line and sinker, adulterated and unverified topics and discussions.

As a leader who has headed various sensitive committee at both regional and  national leadership of PDP, Gov.Ugwuanyi’s antecedents and character cannot be associated with the actions which the political desperados and mudslinger had tried to tie him with. He had on various instances, relied as well as worked with the opinions of the masses as such character, in general, remains the hallmark of a democratic leader.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “A leader’s job isn’t to have all the ideas. It’s to make sure all the ideas are heard and that the best one wins”.

Written by
*Gibson Uchenna Ilozuru*
Political Analyst
Media Team Member of



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