Enugu @30: Uncommon Leadership In Challenging Times


The primary purpose of Government as defined by the 1999 constitution of Nigeria is SECURITY and WELFARE. By this definition, absence of security is abysmal failure of government. I wish patriotic Nigerians can boldly say to the president and commander in chief of the largest, most resilient black nation on earth, ALL IS NOT WELL WITH NIGERIA SECURITY.

It is not rocket science that absence of security of life and property is open invitation to poverty, bitterness, hopelessness and anarchy.

All over Nigeria, there are ugly news of killings, maiming, arson and kidnapping of little children from schools with demands for heart breaking ransoms from poor parents. Many Victims of mass abductions from schools are as young as 3 years of age. It is now unsafe to send children to schools in many states of Nigeria.

The story in Enugu is different. Copying Bishop Oyedepo’s spiritual Slogan, Enugu people say with full assurance , MY CASE IS DIFFERENT.
Thru divine help of God and proactive actions , Gov Ugwuanyi has made Enugu state the safest in Nigeria.

It is noteworthy that security can only be achieved thru intentional , conspicuous investment in security hardware, personnel, logistics. Gov Ugwuanyi made huge investment in acquiring licensed firearms,over 2 thousand Bicycles, 500 motorcycles, 250 buses and 100 pickup trucks for Enugu forest guards, agro RANGERS, Neighborhood watch and Enugu vigilante service.

ENUGU has recently played host to catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria and many other very important gatherings that attracted thousands of people to the state. This is only possible because of SECURITY in Enugu. Security is the pivot for economic revolution.

The gov of Enugu sent emergency evacuation team for Enugu indigene in University of Jos, plateau State. Gov Ugwuanyi goes to all length to let ENUGU people know that ALL LIVES MATTER, thru security.

Ask yourself, if peace and security is easy to obtain , why is the home state of president Buhari facing severe challenges? Why is Kaduna state where most security training institutes are situated suffer worse in the hands of bandits? Why are all other states under siege while Enugu state is playing host to all major functions in Nigeria? The answer is simple. Gov Ugwuanyi’s deliberate investment in security is paying off now.

Gov Ugwuanyi earlier shed tears but took decisive steps so that no Enugu man will shed tears again . The oath of office makes him put Enugu people first.

Wise men are investing in real estate in ENUGU. Enugu is the safest part to relocate ur wife and children in Nigeria.

The governor of Enugu is creating a NEW ENUGU CITY. This new Enugu City will be the CALIFORNIA of the south east with over 18000 serviced plots , security, children play ground, schools, hospitals, corporate business park, shopping malls, etc It will be a wonderland.

While the new Enugu City Project is on going, ENUGU state governor did not relent in his promises to turn around the fortunes of rural areas. Many communities that never had asphalted road network since Nigeria independence now have them. These rural road networks have made access to farm produce easy. Many primary and secondary schools have received a face lift. New health centers are under construction. Fire service stations with fire trucks are now operating in many cities to prevent losses to fire.

People seldom know that to secure a city, u need peace first. Gov Ugwuanyi has excellent gift of peace building and conflict prevention.

Finally, Please pray for Nigeria. Pray that these wicked Men do not hand over the nation to Bandits. Afghanistan was handed over to bandits not thru war but deliberate absorption of REPENTED Taliban into Afghan Military. Nigeria should celebrate REPENTED Boko Haram and teach them new entrepreneurial skills to function well in society as civilians but not employ radicalized men into our military.

It seems Nigeria have already set the tone for rude shock and promised that one day a repented Boko Haram may be president.

The word ‘REPENT” is not in our constitution but in the bible. The Word ‘Deradicalized ‘ should be better if they mean business but what happened in Afghanistan is a sneak preview of what they plan for Nigeria.

Migrate to Enugu. It’s safest here. It is a place for happy people. Patriotic Residents and citizens cooperate across political party, religion, tribe, ethnicity. ENUGU is home for ALL. Kudos to gov ugwuanyi.

Happy 30th Anniversary to Enugu. Enugu was created in August 27, 1991. Gods love, peace, security radiates in Enugu

Indeed, Enugu is the hand of God

Bishop Nwoye Chinedu


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