Road maintenance is essential in order to preserve the road in its originally constructed form, protect adjacent resources and user safety, and provide efficient and convenient travel along the route. Enugu State Government under the able leadership of Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi since inception, has given priority to maintenance culture on major roads in Enugu State.

As a financial expert who understands the importance of prudence in resource management, Governor Ugwuanyi has maintained Enugu roads and kept them free of potholes. His maintenance culture policy has sustained the major roads in the metropolis since the inception of his administration, making Enugu one of the few states in Nigeria with smooth road network.

It is a glaring fact that a large portion of Enugu roads resurfaced under Sullivan Chime’s revolutionary administration would have caved in long before now if not for the aggressive road maintenance policy of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Unlike the average Nigerian leader who pays less attention to maintenance of existing infrastructure because of political exigencies, Ugwuanyi is more interested in his people’s well-being hence, he sees maintenance culture as a priority.

Residents of Enugu and even returnees during the last yuletide season can attest to this fact. Many of them who believed the pull-him-down campaign of calumny against the administration of Ugwuanyi by hired media agents were astonishingly impressed with what they met on ground. Almost all the pothole- infested portions of major Enugu roads were sealed in compliance with His Excellency’s zero tolerance policy against pothole.

However, due to the quiet nature of Governor Ugwuanyi and his philosophy of practical governance devoid of grandstanding, many Enugu residents are unaware of an existing standing order to the state ministry of works and infrastructure on zero tolerance to potholes. His style of leadership is obviously modern and a departure from the crude past when leaders squandered public funds on white elephant projects rather than completing/maintaining existing infrastructure not initiated by them.

In his efforts to judiciously deploy the available meagre resources to the maximum benefit of Enugu people, Ugwuanyi has maintained the existing infrastructure and applied the economic principle of opportunity cost to execute new ones in critical areas. As a result, he has been able to record tremendous achievements in virtually all the critical sectors of the economy in Enugu State.

It is without prejudice that I conclude that Ugwuanyi’s leadership acumen is the magic wand needed to crack the complex leadership challenge of the 21st century third world political and economic realities. It is therefore imperative and politically exigent to call on him to submit himself for a higher responsibility of rescuing Nigeria from the doldrums of leadership and economic strangulation. He has the emotional maturity and political sagacity to stabilise Nigeria and take it to the next level as he has done in Enugu State.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “The leader using Passion, Purpose, and Inspiration will always out perform the Leader using Pain, Pressure and Insults.”

Written by                                                      Jeff Ejiofor


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