Enugu Commissioner for Lands “resigns” to avoid sack


The alleged reason for the purported resignation of the Enugu State Commissioner for Lands Dr Victor Nnam is entirely false. The said resignation is also not true as it yet to be accepted by the State government.
It should be noted that the Commissioner for Lands is presently under investigation by the Enugu State House of Assembly over his illegal sale of land belonging to the State NULGE (National Union of Local Government Employees), and as a result of which he was advised by fellow professionals to step aside pending the outcome of the investigation. The hurried submission of a resignation letter while the Governor is leading the entire State delegation at the PDP National Convention in Abuja is a desperate move to forestall a predictable end that awaits him.
The members of NULGE need not worry as their land will be recovered from Dr Nnam and his cohorts who will surely be brought to justice for the heinous land grabbing heist.
His claim that heads of parastatals in the ministry were removed is also misleading as they were merely redeployed in a routine exercise.
The public is also assured that all the allocations he revoked, sold or reallocated to himself using fictitious names and fronts are already being throughly investigated and those affected are urged to petition the government immediately for redress.


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