Enugu guber 2023: Gov. Ugwuanyi; your choice is our choice


Nothing can be far from truth that, unity of the mind is the hallmark of societal cohesion and synergy to accomplishment of developmental feats and eschewing uncalled imbroglio and witch-hunt which hurls spanner in the wheel of Socio- economic leap of a state. The bond reinforced by communal understanding of each other is one of the scarcely commodities one hardly spots an enclave crammed by Nigerian grand model political alligators trading them. The do or die race, if you like, is borne out of irresistible drive to seizing a position of public trust and reorder the end place of our commonwealth , mostly into private locations, for cooling off, shield of curious eyes.

The ugly governance as representated above, although widely sung and believed to have come to live with us, permit me to categorically withdraw some public figures as exceptional leaders of sorts whose incandescent integrity and reputation in cuddling mandate entrusted into their care, has rekindled the people’s deflating confidence and trust in them. This belief in their moral uprightness and sanctity of wielding public trust, keep generating meritorious votes of confidence from all that breathe within and without their sphere of influence. The English parliamentarian traditional acceptance of leadership trajectory of an office holder, often refered to as “vote of confidence” has for a couple of decades been imported into our political lexicon. It simply connotes, a nod, an unmitigated agreement with the sterling leadership of an occupant of public space.
A hard reality to grapple with here is that such a vote is not unconnected with Igbo rich traditional way of signaling a performing leader to continue ad infinitum. One can only purchase this vote of confidence on the strength of one’s unimpeachable legacies while in office.

And so, Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi having distinguished himself in the act and arts of governance keep receiving torrential outpouring of votes acceptance from the people of Enugu State who in their immaculate hearts find frivolous claims against their compassionate governor, bandied around by the country men of “never do well” as unwholesomely resentful. The naked truth, is that Ndi Enugu have come to the realization of Ugwuanyi’s sorcery and political legerdemain, which they have experienced in untrammeled employment by the workaholic Enugu helmsman to re-magnetize all infrastructural and economic glories that have eluded them.

It is deep-seated understanding of what Ugwuanyi stands for that the reputable and conquering Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement, after a meeting of her coordinators spanning through Enugu 17 local government ably chaired by her indomitable tigress, Hon. Mrs. Bibian Anekwe, SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment, threw weight behind Ugwuanyi’s choice of who takes the baton of state authority.

Interestingly, even more surprising is that this patriotic declaration for justice and equity from Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement, corroborates the overwhelming consensus ad idem of Enugu West Senatorial Zone with Ugwuanyi’s discretionary power. This situational oneness, especially in full support of power rotation as against brazen disruption of firmly rooted and revered Enugu State culture of power rotation by a handful of illogical logicians, sharply rings true with the statement signed by Hon.Mrs Bibian Anekwe to the Governor; unequivocally reassuring his Excellency of their wide flung hands to accept whomever the governor anoints to ferry Ndi Enugu to greater heights come 2023. she also enjoined all people of goodwill to troup out in the Enugu West Senatorial Zone Unity mega rally(slated for 7th August 2021) for the governor captioned “Ife Emelumma” which though literally posits equity, justice and fairness, yet metaphorically laced.
Biblically, both God and his bullheaded offsprings of Israel have loads of confidence in the iconic Moses, when time was closing on the latter, to launch a hunt for a successor which they found in courageous Joshua. So did, Samuel poured oil on the head of King Saul when faithless Israelites in consonant tone demanded for a leader. Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement and her teeming numbers are chorusing similar lyrics of endorsement for the affable governor and his anointed as the season of electioneering draws closer.

Certainly, the invaluable cautionary words drummed to the consciousness of baby bedbugs by its mother, while she douses the fires of the nymphs worries, that matters eventually end up in ice cubes after their reckless blazing like furnace holds sway in Enugu political Journey.

Written by
Hon.Mrs. Bibian Anekwe
SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment.

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement (DG)


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