Fifty Eight Hearty Cheers to an Egalitarian ~ Situating a true Leader’s life’s journey



There is only two important days in the life of a man or woman. Philosophers and Theologians have often argued that the day a man or woman is born and the day a life terminates is all that is needed to stamp God’s supremacy over His creations. While man will rejoice that a life has been born, what such life holds for the immediate family or the society at large is little known to the man himself. In between life and death, God holds the ace and would require man’s absolute surrender to His own will to actualize His best objectives. God we are taught, knows our end from our beginning. But one pertinent question we may need to ask ourselves in the face of different characters exhibited by men throughout the ages is whether God is a partial God or does He exercise His discretion so loosely that while some men are destined to add value to their society, others are meant to be the real devil’s advocate?.
Again, the same Theologians will inform us that as many as those that will believe that God is able and well able and would totally crave God’s guidance and direction, to such is reserved the best portion of God’s blessings and other extant goodness of God. Perhaps, the God who formed the current governor of Enugu state, Rt Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi in his mother’s womb must have prepared him well ahead of his time as he journed through time and space. First his parents gave him the name “Ifeanyichukwu” transliterated to mean that what God cannot do does not exist. Ifeanyi gradually grew in honor and wisdom while imbibing the right values as directed to all humans by the omnipotent Creator.

From a humble beginning, Ifeanyi journed through time and got his bearing at a very early age. Ifeanyi would later join a few other record breakers in the nation’s history to make a mark in the political firmament before the age of fifty. At just fifty eight years of age, he would have captained the state ship for seven solid years which he began its journey when he turned fifty one years. Could Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi commonly know with the sobriquet Gburu-Gburu be regarded as one of the few whose benevolent ‘Chi’ have cracked their kernel? Well yes and much more. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a good man. He walked under God’s divine control and worked to please God through his good deeds.

Today, Gburu-Gburu is one sobriquet which evokes confidence, power, action, adulation and every positive virtue rolled into one in the entire South East of Niger, nay the globe! . A shout of Gburu-Gburu by any (young or old) would surely bring a moving traffic to a stop to signpost a good omen. The true meaning of Gburu-Gburu which its both surface and deeper meaning connotes an image that traverses the entire globe has once more confirmed the true desire of man to live to God’s expectations creditably. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is sure living out his sobriquet. Within seven years of his captainship of Enugu State, there is no denying the fact that no single community across the seventeen local government areas of the state can claim not to have the taste of Gburu-Gburu albeit in a little quantity. Gburu-Gburu is a true egalitarian. He is a true ‘eri enye ibe’. He is a true example of government working for the people with an uncommon humility and diligence.

As our peace loving Governor berths graciously through the mercy of God to another natal anniversary which is his 58th, we pray for God’s kind blessings first on his own parents whom God had used as a vessel to bring forth Ifeanyichukwu. Then may God continue to look with favor on him who believed that everything good including political peace and stability is possible with God on the throne of the city of Enugu State.
May Enugu State remain better with Gburu-Gburu and the one who is coming after him on the 29th of May, 2023 when Ugwuanyi would have served eight years as a captain and would have turned out fifty nine.
May God continue to guide him alright.
For now, let the cymbals sound. Let the drums beat. It is our Governor’s birth anniversary. Fifty eight hearty cheers to a worthy son of Enugu State. A peace lover, humility personified and an egalitarian.
Enugu state is truly in the hands of God.

© Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.
Public Affairs Commentator.
Media Team Member for EDNAC.


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