Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Bridging Infrastructural Gaps In The State.


Perhaps, a certain misguided school of thought which has favourably toured for centuries imbibed the gospel of every man’s instinctual crave for power and control. The proponents of this beliefs aver that man as a political being drool for positions of influence to commission affairs of state to his private aggrandizement and that of his immediate community. In as much this theory of “get all” cannot be utterly ruled out, it must accept a rider of humans delight in pleasures and absconding harm’s way.
If all segments of a society received equal share of governance ranging from infrastructures, appointments anchored on merit and level playing ground in every legitimate endeavor by the people, certainly neither a finger nor a gruffy roar of agitation will suffice.

Why genuine piquant feelings of mistrust and mutual intolerance stirring in the pot of marginalization that unavoidably burst into outrage was rightly captured by Louis Bako, an Iraq citizen when he narrated his voyage dramatic experience round a city, he said” As the taxi moved, I started checking out the new buildings and streets. It was clear that whereas some people had gotten better off, others were worse off or had simply stagnated. Infrastructures reveal so much about a place and its culture, politics, and people. The disparities between the poor and the rich neighborhoods…show that ‘time’ was not ticking at the same place for everyone. Time was not moving favourably for everyone. Even time is like power in that it moves some people forward some backwards, and some to sides and the margins. Time also buries some people under the ground.”

None would have put it so unputdownable like Bako did. He said it with a considerable accuracy as if Enugu State was roaming his mental television. Since, Enugu State divested from the old Anambra, each successive government saw it as a rarest opportunity to unwholesomely appropriate greater basic infrastructures to their homes and remnant goes for a dices toss. The brazen manner with which this un-statesman use of people’s mandate played out was never a matter of the moment, so long few had the advantage.

Concentration of all public enterprises, corporations, headquarters including academic citadels in one locality with utter disdain and unconcerned regards to unification needs and equality in localization no doubt constitute a bug assailing our nation social fabrics. By this, leaders morph into dividers and not the converse.

In Enugu State, the people of Enugu North Senatorial Zone for a long line of years had decried the impoverished infrastructural status and proximate state government absence in blunt sense. Worse off it all, is the puerile but arrogant unceasing dangling of amenities carrots before them which in the end were hurriedly ripped off their chest for other untouchable zones. This ugly predicaments and political manoeuvring had lumbered for un- historic yore which had held the zone by the jugular and down unable to fraternally compete favourably with the Senatorial Zones.

The government of governor Ugwuanyi is bent on taking the bull by the horns and to effect strategic changes in dispensing the dividends of democracy to every town on basis of equity and fairness. The governor’s visit to Igbo-Ano started off a train of developmental milestones in the town. A College of Medicine was sited there which construction by the concerned company grew at an untrammeled pace that veritable report affirms its completion and readiness to kick off academic programs in the near six months. The health college comprise closely six gigantic edifices concretely fastened to earth and can stand so for ages.

The governor’s campaign for job creation is still at its peak and most importantly the acute drive to decongest some of the health institutions within a Enugu metropolis is a worthy task any reasonable government can not toy with. Besides, people are bereft of courses to go berserk at a just government that accommodate the interest of all sections of whole thusly fostering sense of belongings in the scheme of things. As a bridge builder, Ugwuanyi has come to fill up the administrative lacunas of his predecessors and plugging the loopholes burrowed by them. Today, the natives of Igbo-Ano stagger in jubilation to taste what true governance is and so shall be for their neighbor, Opi Community as they hold Mr.Fulfiment on his words to reposition and restructure the emerging town to an enviable pryamid.

Bibian Anekwe News…added… Health System development is a key to effective detection, response and control of any outbreak


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