Gov. Ugwuanyi and Senator Utazi’s statesmanship



What we saw in Enugu North senatorial district of Enugu state over the weekend was an eloquent testimony that the 16th President of the U.S, Abraham Lincoln’s witt “that for every scoundrel there is a hero, and for every selfish Politician, there is a dedicated leader…” remains an immutable words of timeless imperative. For the records in recent time, we can point at men who are strutting the political space demonstrate that despite all strange happenings in our polity and gossips at the corridors of power, they can be counted as good politicians with integrity. It is commendable to have Distinguished Senator Chukwuka Utazi in this sphere.

Senator Utazi, the incumbent senator from Nsukka zone, proved critics and doomsday bookmakers wrong when he willingly surrendered his ambition to seek for another term of office in the red chambers. It was a show of examplary leadership — an exhibition of selflessness in politics.

Hear him:
“I am announcing my decision not to contest the senatorial seat in the forthcoming Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries and the general elections, to pave way for the smooth and peaceful emergence of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State as the Senator of the Senatorial district in the 10th National Assembly. I purposely did not purchase the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms of the party for the Senatorial seat to give Gov. Ugwuanyi, who is, our leader and brother, maximum support.”

There was rapturous applause and loud jubilation. It was another colossal endorsement to the workaholic governor from his own people. Sen. Utazi was a great legislator. He had remarkable two term outing at the 8th and 9th national assembly that is about to end in about 12months time. But he conceded that come 2023, Gov. Ugwuanyi would be more disposed to make better impacts in the red chamber for his people considering his antecedents in the 5th, 6th and 7th NASS respectively at the lower chamber of the House of Reps while our nation want him to serve come 2023

He inadvertently replied all the faceless emergency cartoonists who had lately been struggling to eke out living doing hatchet jobs cartoonizing the governor in defamatory manners to tarnish his reputation. These mischief makers can now rest, seeing that the people vehemently refused to buy their infamy and that of their pay masters.

By his declaration last weekend, Utazi has opened the way for a smooth, peaceful and easy transition in that position come next month at the PDP primaries and the general election in 2023.

It was Woodrow Wilson who had the right description of the Senator’s magnanimity when he said: “Democracy is not so much a form of government as a set of principles.”
It takes a man of proven principles to selflessly prioritize his people’s welfare over his individual ambition. He has shown examples to other contestants jostling for various elective positions in the upcoming primaries not to see it as a do-or-die affair.

Can any of the aspirants vying for governorship, demonstrate such spirit of statesmanship? Can we have voluntary withdrawal of interests just to make way for a smooth and easy primaries and the general election? Can they be gracious enough to elevate the state above self interetsts?

“Democracy” according to Ronald Reagan “is not a fragile flower, but it needs cultivation.” And everyone both the leaders and followers must contribute their quota in the cultivation and watering of our democracy, just like Sen. Utazi has done, if it will grow beyond the current status quo.

May peace continue to be with men of good will (Lk. 2:14).

Written by
Hon. Bibian Anekwe.


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