Government At The Center Needs An Ugwuanyi


As it stands today, the government of Federal Republic of Nigeria needs a person in the mould of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State to calm the storm and move the country forward. This is a country so blessed with human and material resources but the combined forces of self centeredness on the part of the political class, inept leadership and corruption have largely torn our nation and people apart and taken us donkey years behind. Like one human rights campaigner would often enthuse… “Nigeria has no reason to be backward. Nigeria must be and aught to be better and great”. I have actually shared in his optimism. It goes without proclaiming that an Ugwuanyi is what this country need at this critical point in time to redeem her from her present quagmire.

What do you think will happen if Ugwuanyi’s takes this peace mode enjoyed in the state to the federal level? Is there any who will be averse to Ugwuanyi’s momentous empathy, humility, brotherliness and care or his workaholic and accommodating attitude?.

Gov Ugwuanyi has so much confidence in Nigeria that his all his health care needs are met here in the country. He is not an advocate of medical tourism and has not for once gone for check up or sought medical attention outside Nigeria. That does not mean that he doesn’t fall sick or none in his family falls sick. No, he and his family members do fall sick as humans beings they are, but they are treated in Nigeria here. His children goes to school in Nigeria here and are proud of Nigeria academic products and system. Many public office holders even those in charge of educational sector sends their children abroad to read a course offered in schools here in Nigeria. Few years ago, the son of a Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan graduated in an American University in a course being offered in the university he heads. He was proud to put the pictures in the social media. Ugwuanyi does not have such spirit and character.

Ugwuanyi has embarked on rural development in Enugu State than any other governor since the return of democracy in 1999. He has carried every stakeholders along in his administration than anyone that has ruled both old Anambra and Enugu State.
There has never been a time the three arms of government shown synergy of purpose than Ugwuanyi’s administration. Thanks to Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s wisdom, humility and maturity.

As a compassionate leader, the pain of any citizen in the state is also Ugwuanyi’s pain. He has personally visited all that were in one way or the other lost their loved ones or passed through pain by what happened to them in the course of life. He has wiped the tears and has condoled with so many that have been hit by mishaps. We need an Ugwuanyi at the center.

Economically, Ugwuanyi has not borrowed any money for any project for over six years he has been in office. He is working with the meagre amount he receives and the internally generated revenue. Gov Ugwuanyi have so much confidence in SME. He has trained over 5000 persons in different skills and is training more. He has taken SME skill to all the tertiary institution in the state and this has yielded much result. Ugwuanyi is bent on giving every student at least one skill before leaving the school. This is the best approach to being financially self Independent. It is also a good way of fighting crime.

In the wake of banditry and herdsmen menace, Ugwuanyi brought out a security formula that has worked well. He created forest guards that combs all forests and ensure that all security threats are nipped in the bud. He inaugurated more vigilante groups and promoted community policing. He equiped them with communication gadgets, vehicles and motorcycles. He is paying them regularly. He has also mandated all traditional leaders to live in thier kingdoms with their cabinet members and ensure peace. He directed all political office holders to ensure peace and protection of lives and properties in there communities. This has worked out very well. Today, Enugu is the most peaceful state in Nigeria.

Since Ugwuanyi’s administration, Enugu State have been conducting local government elections as at when due, no story about it at all. Ugwuanyi is a real democrat. Ugwuanyi is a trusted mediator in any thorny issue. That is why he has reconciled all party members in PDP Enugu State and there is no crack in the party. All frayed nerves have been calmed. That is why he was chosen to lead the zoning committee of the party at the center and he delivered very well.
Enugu State is fortunate to have an Ugwuanyi as the governor and it will be better for Nigeria if we have the same Ugwuanyi at the center.

This is why we are happy to say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “The task of leadership is not to put greatness into his people, but to elicit it. for the greatness is there already.”

Written by
Leonard Ugwu

A political Analyst



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