Any society without continuity is all but extinct. The youths are the most important organ of every society, hence be guided and protected by every means in making sure that the culture, traditions and bloodlines of the society are maintained.

We have had a Government that tried to focus on setting up infrastructure for the future generation of Enugu People in the recent past which was a very good concept, however, there was shortcoming which was preparation for the future generation without adequately equipping the Youths of the day with the necessary tools to hand over to their own children a sustainable society equipped with the necessary knowledge to compete with other States and Nations of the world.

In Human psychology analysis, it is shown that life experiences are of greater value to humans than anything else on the planet be it possessions or even achievements. A culmination of all these experiences no matter how mundane and less important they might appear, make up the core personality of every human being, hence, the Igbo adage ‘onye nje nje ka onye isi awo.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi having taken cognisance of this deficit, has always strictly and consciously endeavoured to expose the youths of the state and Ndi Enugu at large to the current technological and relevant trends globally by facilitating trips to foreign countries of the world that are technologically exposed and markets. The main aim is to introduce them to the newer, faster and better ways of doing things as well as showing them numerous opportunities, resources and untapped markets that abound in the state thereby eliminating these barriers, hence, sparking creativity and imagination in them.

Such vision and futuristic approach to things by Governor Ugwuanyi can’t be taken for granted especially when we see the difficulties which our parents face when trying to use new technology.

In the same vein, early exposure to newer technology and tools across all facets of live, with help in bridging the gap between Ndi Enugu and the rest of the World using proper government framework that enables us unleash our talents to the world.

Investing in the psychological and mental well-being of Enugu youths and Enugu People at large, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is preparing the next generation with the tools to face the world no matter where they find themselves so they don’t end up intimidated, suffer complex problems or become overwhelmed owing to proper lack of exposure. His excellency Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi aside being the governor of enugu state has been magnanimous in encompassing not just enugu youth but Enugu people at large in this laudable agenda to benefit all.

While the myopic few may not appreciate the immediate benefit of this, just like children never appreciate the benefit of all the home training been given to them by their parents till they get older, so will the myopic group of people get to fully appreciate Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the nearest future but the vast majority, who are enlightened, not only appreciate but are grateful to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for building not just legacy of physical infrastructure but also legacy of psychological and mental infrastructure which is the most important

With such infrastructure in place, it is the duty of Ndi Enugu to ensure that Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is given every support to continue his good work in transforming Enugu State into the envy of not just Igboland but Nigeria and the world at large, just as we have seen in other developed countries of the world.

BIBIAN ANEKWE NEWS ADDED ” Prayers don’t build good infrastructures. They don’t develop countries. They don’t improve the poor healthcare system or the education system. God has placed man in charge of ALL. We thank Gov. Ugwuanyi for combination of all”

Written by

Nnamdi Igwebuike.


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