HON. CHILO-OFFIAH STEALS THE SHOW @ ENUGU HEROES AWARD, 2022 BY ENUGU PROFESSIONAL FORUM …A feather to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration



It is an ageless opinion that it always takes more than YES to pick a brain; no wonder excellence becomes more than just sheer wishes and desires, even as the greatest nightmare for being celebrated is the certainty of earning higher responsibilities.

Therefore, as we match in March , it is with an explosive elation that we proudly join in the celebration of one of the sound minds in GBURUGBURU’s administration and the renowned Senior Adviser to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as he is admitted into the Hall of Heroes by Enugu Professional Forum.

While some youths have chosen to rise to fame through the hook or crook, someone like Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah chose to develop and furnish his career in the banking and finance sector before earning the attention of the youth-oriented government of GBURUGBURU who recognized the urgent need for the maximum application of his potentials in the area of SME and lo and behold Hon. Arinze’s impressive impact in the area of his assignment is being celebrated and rewarded today.

Even as we know that such timely award is an invitation to be ready for higher tasks,it is very significant and pertinent to note that Hon. Chilo-Offiah was specifically presented with the award due to his relentless and humble leadership to the good people of Enugu State which resulted in job creations and empowerments throughout the state. We also appreciate and celebrate the wisdom of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the executive governor of Enugu State in always making the right choice for the people: fixing the round pegs in round holes.

In the end, as we raise our delicate wine cups in cheers, I suggest we all drink in unison from Hon. Arinze’s driving philosophy and one of the timeless echoes of the cerebral Widroow Wilson , that, “ There is no higher religion than service to humanity.”

Reported by
Apeh Ifesinachi.


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