Housing Development In Enugu: A Testament To His Excellency’s Vision Towards A Mega City


There are little indication to prove that a lot of capital Cities in Nigeria and Africa in general have little or no master plan hence housing structures are laid haphazardly without proper layout and plans that leads to squalid conditions of the seeming capital cities.

However, the results being churned out from Enugu Capital Territory where Governor Ugwuanyi holds the ace is truly gladdening and yearns for quick aplomb and appreciation of the goal driven and people oriented leader is doing with our common wealth in Enugu. Today, the Housing for all of Dr. Ugwuanyi government policy is sprouting like a giant oak tree with ripened fruits. The management of the Enugu Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) under the headship of Hon. Chukwemelie Agu is doing a great deal of the active support it has received from our development driven governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Today and every day, one Housing Estate or another is being completed awaiting commissioning by his Excellency, Governor Lawrence Ugwuanyi. One thing is clear and that is Gov. Ugwuanyi’s vision and mission to transform Enugu as a mega city where all and sundry could call a home in the coal city state. Today, such signature Estates like RANGERS ESTATE, HELIU’S ESTATE, CENTENARY, MARYLAND Extension and lots more bore eloquent testimonies of Ugwuanyi’s trajectories in the housing sector.
Governor Lawrence Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi, is one man who believes in the replication of what the Western World has been able to do with such revolutionary approaches in the housing sector in our own clime. Only political will more than anything is required to bring humongous development to the people and not really dearth of economic resources. A true manager will always figure out how to prioritize his scarce resources and deliver the required goods in governance. Sure, governor Ugwuanyi has this managerial acumen in abundance. We give God the glory for this rare gentleman leader of men and good manager of resources who truly connected to his leadership mandate in Enugu State.

Over the years Enugu state, witnessed a higher upsurge of migrants from the rural areas and other states of the federation owing to the style of leadership of Governor Ugwuanyi who has not only engendered peace but made Enugu State a destination of choice. To make the state habitable for the teeming population both indigenes and non indigenes, Ugwuanyi have embarked on a massive housing development initiative to take people in which will further stimulate economic growth. It is worthy of note, that Ugwuanyi’s administration is not just erecting structures, but durable ones finished tastefully and in an environment that has accord with nature and community co-habitation.
His Excellency, Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has proven beyond doubt that he is truly a good leader sent to salvage Enugu state in all round development. His Excellency remains a prayer answered in our collective wish to have Enugu State of our dream.


Long live, Enugu State!
Long live, Gburu-Gburu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, our people development leader.
Enugu state is in the hands of God.

Contact ESHDC Office: 08094442242, 07043386447, 08091111411
Email: info@eshdc.org
Enugu State Housing Development Corporation
21 Kings Way Road GRA Enugu, Nigeria.

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