Let Us All Take A Trip To Igboano


The above subject pre-supposes that something is happening at a relatively an unknown place called Igboano. Perhaps, the map of Enugu State would have been redrawn to include such an insignificant rural community in the Udenu Council Area of Enugu State. Instinctively, Enugu State is being showcased on the global map today courtesy of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s conscious efforts to reposition her trajectories.
Rt. Honorable Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has to be a different kind of specie of a political leader in a 21st century where contemporary political gladiators have always observed their campaign promises in the breach. During his inaugural speech to ascend the Lion Building in 2015, he has envisioned a state where all the major component cities will witness even developments to stimulate economic growth on all fours. Six years down the road, Ugwuanyi is on full throttle enroute his mission statement to transform Enugu state of our dream.

Now, why is Igboano so important in this piece? When the Nigerian Guild of Editors led by their president Mustapha Isah visited the state recently to ascertain for themselves the level of the famed developmental strides by Gov. Ugwuanyi, Igboano featured in their itinerary. Their visit ensured that they gave an unsolicited but dignified remark on the administration of governor Ugwuanyi. So why don’t we all take the same step and take that dignified trip to discover what is it that is going on at Igboano? Perhaps, that trip will convince some of the doubting Thomases that Mr. Fulfilment is not cut out for making noise or out to orchestrate what clearly is his mandate and responsiblitiy to bring governance dividends to the people.

Again, someone should help us to discover the happenings at Igboano. Igboano someone told me from the background of a fact check, represent a brighter future for the majority of Ndi Enugu and every other soul who might wittingly or otherwise come in contact with the coal city state. In line with Gov. Ugwuanyi led administration to bring government facilities closer to the people, he took a bold step to revolutionize the tertiary health institutions in the state by devoluting the Enugu State owned ESUT College of Medicine and causing one to be cited at Igboano. With the massive offering of the land area by the Igboano community, Igboano is billed to accommodate massive infrastructural structures that would adequately address man power needs of the state and beyond in the health sector.

Beyond political rhetoric and gerrymandering, Gburu-Gburu is a capacity builder and places much premium on human capital development. It is interesting to note that Governor Ugwuanyi is not discouraged one bit in his quest to transform Enugu State to take her rightful position in the comity of states by the biting economic challenges in the land. It is hoped that ESUT College of Medicine at Igboano when fully operational, will train and supply the needed expertise in the health care industry which will inadvertently create humongous employment opportunities for our teeming youths.

Enugu State is truly in the hands of God.

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