Visitors to St. Peter’s square in Rome will see a marble slab, near the apostolic stand, with the inscription  V.XIII.MCMLXXXI it was kept in remembrance of the highest security breach ever had in the holy city in recent times which took place in the afternoon of 13th May, 1981.

This was a day that Pope St. John Paul II was shot four times at close range by Turkish terrorist sniper, Melmet Aliagcar. The pope was admitted and operated upon by team of doctors for eight hours in a nearby hospital. At the ninth hour the holy father made a dramatic recovery and re-appeared to the arena, much to the relief of his many sympathizers and followers.

Since that incident, life was never the same again for the people in-charge of the day-to-day protection of the pope and security at the Vatican — the Gendamerie Corps and Swiss Guards. And since that day till date, there was no such successful security breach, because the chief security officers readjusted to up their games and serve the Vatican state better.

Through out history, wise men are know to learn from the mistakes of others.
A native parlance among Igbos suggests that “Ofu osisi anaghi alu mmadu n’ anya ugboro n’ abuo” (the eye as a sensitive organ doesn’t permit injury from one stick twice).

Since scores of persons were killed in the Fulani herdsmen invasion of Ukpabi,Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of this state in the early hours of 25th April 2016, the security plans of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has never remained the same again. He had rejigged it more often without number to meet the demands of this age of crime sophistication.

Ndigbo has a nugget that “ebugharia efere nri, ebugharia onodu oche” (sitting positions around dinning table is readjusted at each reshuffling of the dishes’ position).

This was why his people could sleep with both eyes closed because they have a governor that cares about their welfare and safety of lives and property. He had maintained strong proactive watch over the state.

On Friday last week, after an emergency security meeting with chairmen and major stakeholders of five local government areas in Enugu East senatorial zone, he signed Executive Order No 1. 2020 banning operations of tipper lorries, tricycles, and motorcycles in three local government areas.

This was done following a tip off and classified security information on clandestine plans of some bad elements among the operators of these means of transport to cause security breach. The governor wasted no second in convoking an extraordinary emergency security meeting, comprising all community heads and leaders of the affected towns and Local governments in the zone.

The need to temporarily ban tricycle, motorcycle and tipper lorry operators within these three local governments was to help address issues of infiltration of their unions by bad eggs that are becoming security threats to the state.

This was achieved within two days as the governor worked round the clock, charging law enforcement agencies to work with him in order to sort the teething problems. The Union leaders came up with official statements confirming the allegation that few miscreants (in their ranks) were fomenting troubles and causing havoc to lives and property in the towns.

This admittance by the unionists and confessions by culprits shut the voices of some opinion holders who had unduly criticized His Excellency for the swift rescue mission he embarked upon for the common good of the majority.

As the parties involved agreed to address the challenges, and allow justice take its course, the ban was lifted. The lifting of the ban is in line with Gov. Ugwuanyi’s belief that “the innocents should not suffer for the deliberate offence of the guilty.”

It was once again, another demonstrable evidence that Gov. Ugwuanyi maintains an eagle eye on every nook and cranny of the state, security wise. It was a clear demonstration of his security consciousness as attested to by the visiting Air force Chief, Air Vice Marshal Daramola few weeks ago.

Gov. Ugwuanyi knows the way. The best we can do is to que behind him for a better and greater Enugu State.

Enugu is truly and safely in the hands God.

Written by
Hon. Mrs Bibian Anekwe
The senior special Assistant on mobilization and Empowerment to Enugu State Governor



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