Nigerian State in dire need of an Ugwuanyi



The fact of the matter is that there is indeed an ‘Ugwuanyi’ . The story of Ugwuanyi who hail from the agrarian community of Orba in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State has truly resonated across the land that it will be difficult to obliterate the modest accomplishments of the charismatic leader as a person and an administrator. The success story of the Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of Enugu State and his adoption by people from all works of life, within and outside the Nigeria, is an eloquent testimony that he has the requisite capacity to take this country out of its current wilderness if given the opportunity to steer the ship of state when 2023 Presidential election berths. Under this humble, unbiased and non-tribal servant-leader, Enugu state has been rightly designated the preferred destination choice for all the people of Nigeria, irrespective of their genders, politics, religious or ethnic differences. This was made possible due to the harmony, security, peace and good governance entrenched in the State by His Excellency.

So far, Governor Ugwuanyi remains the only credible leader in Nigeria today, at the state or national level, well known for his successful application of Alternative Dispute/Conflicts Resolutions, which involves the use of peaceful dialogues to resolve emerging challenging issues of varying nature and dimensions. The multifaceted challenges of insecurity, communal land or boundary disputes, herdsmen/farmers clashes, protests, chieftaincy, traditional and political disagreements are quite daunting, yet so many have often marveled at the dexterity employed by Governor Ugwuanyi to nip in the bud acts of violent crimes, bloodshed and litigations, thereby saving lives as well as State’s scarce resources.

This unique way of problem solving had proven to be most potent to achieve rapid peace in Enugu State and is worthy of emulation, considering that the Federal government with all the security apparatuses at its disposal had not been able to entrench this much
needed freedom, harmony, tranquility and peace in the country. Ugwuanyi’s peaceful approach to issues can be likened to the power of water, which albeit being gentle, harmless and mild, remains the most effective weapon to put off fire. Ugwuanyi can replicate the same feat at the national level if given the mandate.

Unlike his many colleagues that groan under the heavy yoke of high interest revolving local and foreign loans that span over many years of repayment far beyond their tenures,
Ugwuanyi chose not to subjugate the good people of Enugu State into irredeemable poverty and servitude. Rather, he had diligently maintained a prudent and judicious management of the generated revenues and the little state allocations that filter in from the Federation Account. Even as a Governor of a non-oil designated state, he was able to keep the state afloat in the austere face of biting paucity of funds. This way Enugu State remains one of the very few States in Nigeria still paying workers the National Minimum Wage, and perhaps the only non oil designated state to do so can no longer be taken for granted, but an Ugwuanyi at the helm of affairs in the state has ensured this. The State has zero arrears of workers salaries hence absence of industrial actions since Ugwuanyi’s assumption of office in 2015.

Deriving from above, it behoves on us the good people of the South East Geopolitical Zone (S/E), the Southern Nigeria Governors’ Forum and indeed all good people of Nigeria, to work towards Ugwuanyi’s Presidency in 2023. This is a task that need be done to save the soul of Nigeria and restore her dignity among the comity of global community.

As the President of Nigeria, Ugwuanyi would bring to bear the winning formula he has used to make Enugu State the preferred destination of choice for all people of Nigeria at home and diaspora. Being an unbiased leader, he could guarantee total transparency, judicious and equitable allocation and distribution of national resources and comply with the provisions of the Federal Character Commission in his appointments. Under Ugwuanyi’s Presidency, Nigerian women and the youths shall be highly favoured, just as women presently constitute up to 40% of his workforce even in key sensitive positions in Enugu State.

Corruption, which remains a chronic malignant tumor in Nigeria and which has inflicted severe injuries to the physique of this country will continue to be our albatross and a great impediments to our positive ratings globally if an Ugwuanyi is not quickly drafted into the mix to save the Nigerian nation. Corruption in Nigeria is so endemic that it could be regarded as a monstrous colossus walking in all fours. This unfortunate phenomenon calls for more severe measures to halt its wildfire spread as a matter of priority and urgency. This is why the Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, a leader who has a zero tolerance for corruption, should be brought on board to provide the required panacea.

As 2023 general elections steadily approaches, an Ugwuanyi at the helm of affairs of this nation will not be a welcome relief but a Divine mandate that signposts God’s divine intervention to the numerous Nigerian teething problems. Only then and then only, shall we appreciate the enormity of the mantra of our catch phrase here “Enugu State is in the hands of God will change the narrative to Nigeria is in the hands of God”.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Do you know that one of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas?”

Deputy Corps Commander retired

A Sociopolitical Analyst.



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