From available record, so many years now, the NYSC Orientation Camp, Awgu, has a distant section of the camp open at the rear; no fencing; the camp covered by bushes, thereby posing serious threat to the lives of the campers- NYSC Corp members. It was reported that there were serious cases of encroachment by hoodlums at the camp thereby creating a bad image not only for the local government but to Enugu State and the nation at large.

In his attempt to consolidate his maintenance culture efforts on and around Local Gov’t facilities and other facilities owned by the Federal Government and State Government situated within the Local Government- Awgu-, he, Hon. PEDRO OKWUDILI NWANKWỌ, felt it was improper to wait for the Federal/State Government before he can do what is needful, appropriate, immediate, necessary and achievable within his local government in order to save the lives of Nigerians- the Corp members.
After careful thought,
▪️he underscored the economic benefits, the placement, status the camp has given Awgu LG and the need to erect walls (fence) around the NYSC Orientation camp, Awgu.
▪️he felt there is need to improve on Awgu LGA/Enugu State harmonious/symbiotic relationship; hence the need to support Enugu State Gburugburu-led Government’s partnership with the Federal Government by creating a secured and human-friendly habitat through the construction of fencing around the camp.
▪️to pragmatically prove his (the Local Government) commitment and make his contributions as the number 1 citizen of the Local Gov’t, the Chief Security Officer of the council and the host Chairman.
▪️He on the same vein, after conducting adequate environmental and social impact assessments of an open camp in his local government, felt there is great need to forestall cases of eventuality, probable social conflict or attack either by animals or marauders and in overall checkmate ecological problems as a result of this dreaded open campgrounds.

Yesterday, Hon. Pedro Okwudịlị Nwankwọ, “Eze-na-eme-ọgọ,” was on Project Inspection around the NYSC Orientation camp Awgu with his Deputy, Hon. Lotachukwu Remy Ogbonnia; the Supervisor for Works Awgu, Hon. Ikenna Basil Okolie; the Supervisor for Education Awgu, Hon. Reuben Nwabueze Nwonwu; The Supervisor incharge of everything Politics in Awgu LG, Hon. Igwesi Jeremiah; Hon. Ọkaibe Michael, Mr Kinsley and the media team led by the image-maker of the council, Ọzọ Chi-Chiri, Ọzọ Ọkpanabọ, to see the level of progress the work has reached.

When he, the Executive Chairman of the council, got to the site, he was pleased with the solidity of the work but charged the Project Engineer to mobilize more workers on site today to be able to finish the project within one week time

Expressly, AWGU is placed in good hands. In the hands of a better Manager and in the BOLD HANDS OF GOD.

Ka anyị toonu Chineke anyị.

Ma ka anyị na-ejekwa nụ n’ihi na nchekwube anyị dị na CHUKWU!

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