The above caption captures the frenzy of the highlife music lovers back in the days with the legendary Chief Ositadinma Osadebe of blessed memory. Osadebe remains evergreen years after his demise. What with his ever stimulating evergreen tunes which kept both old and young folks reflecting on the good moments which life has to offer around them. Till date, whenever I’m impelled to reflect on the fortunes or more appropriately the blessings of God around us, the tune “Osondi – Owendi” fills my subconscious. To rephrase the wordings of the above in our latest catchphrase in pidgin and especially when something good is happening to some people, you will hear _*edey sweet some – edey pepe some*_. The import of the whole joke if it could be referred to as a joke is that we are truly exposed to a society where we can never get it right with everything or with everyone around us.
If you are gifted as a tall person, people might complain that either you are too tall or that your tallness is abnormal. If one is ugly or beautiful for instance, people will always find reasons to make a caricature of such person. But late Chief Osita Osadebe offers a reassuring line at the end of that stimulating fact about life and that is no matter how bad a condition is, life must go on.
For those who have had the privilege of ascending political positions, this catchphrase offers a more compelling meaning especially among the followers of those leaders. The followers are always divided along the lines of hate and love. Encapsulating the hate line are those who play politics of bitterness. Those who grandstand about everything that a leader does. They will find reasons to condemn or ridicule them. It is either that the leader has done nothing to warrant any commendation or he has done so little or that such leaders must not be praised for doing what constitutionally is their duty.
For those along the love line, a leader must be prayed for to get enough grace and wisdom to pilot the affairs of the people because being a leader is not a tea party. Therefore, the little or much that a leader is able to do must be commended. The import of such commendation is the encouragement to do more. Both groups of the divide can aptly be described as what is closely associated with Tip O’Neil and that is that “All politics is local”. This can never be farther from the truth. In Enugu State for instance, large instances of buffetting from every corner has continued to assail the administration of governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi even from his own people of Enugu North, while yet a greater percentage of Ndi Enugu had rooted and had continued to root for the above average performance of his administration.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburu-Gburu) might not have covered every field in our developmental quests given the circumstances of our economy, (no single leader does), but he has not equally performed below average in governance. If for nothing else, we must thank him who became a pencil in the hands of God to enthrone peace and harmony around Enugu communities. It is often said that the reward for a good work is more work. The curtain in Ugwuanyi’s tenure as a Governor might be drawing to a strong close in 2023, but the majority of his people who were enamored to no end about this rare gift to humanity are still rooting for him to continue – this time at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly. Like a humble servant leader, he has graciously accepted to continue serving them.

As the battle for the various political positions hots up ahead of 2023 general elections, various groups have continued to emerge to throw their large support around the candidacy of Ugwuanyi as the Senatorial torch bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party in Enugu North and by extension, all the PDP leading candidates in Enugu State. The emergence of Gov Ugwuanyi at the Lion Building, the Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement have remained unrelenting in their support of Gburu-Gburu and all the other PDP flag bearers. The latest on the bloc are the Igbo-Etiti youths who have risen to drum support for Gov. Ugwuanyi, Barr. Ndubusi Mbah and others.

The Igbo-Etiti youths while arriving at this noble decision to support the electoral drive of Ugwuanyi and others listed Gburu-Gburu’s achievements in office especially to the people of Igbo-Etiti to include but not limited to :

¶ Accommodation of the youths of Igbo-Etiti LGA in his administration more than any other local government in Enugu State with special regards to political appointments.
These include, Prof. Simon Uchenna Ortuanya (SSG), Nnanyelugo Chidi Aroh (Lands and Urban Development Commissioner), Mr. Samson Ezea (Special Advisor to the Governor on Media) and so many other Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants, Executive Assistants etc.

¶ The attraction of the Federal Polytechnic, Ohodo.

¶ Construction of Type-3 Primary Healthcare Centre in the council area, among other projects.

¶ So many Empowerment drive initiatives especially for the youths of Enugu State.

¶ Affirmative principles towards the female gender in his administration etc.

The leader of the youth group who spoke from the heart had declared that Ugwuanyi picked many young people from nowhere and empowered them. Ugwuanyi is therefore seen as a leader and a father to the fatherless as well as a governor of the common people.

All politics is local. Gburu-Gburu and Hon Peter Mbah are the men.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see his people rise to the top.

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.




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