SECURITY CONVENIENCE: Priority Christmas gift to Ndi Enugu by Gov.Ugwuanyi


The Christmas season is over and probably done with. We now begin the fair struggle again; those who lost out in the reason for the season would revert to life as usual. Yes, the season of gifts is over as fists are tightening up against the laudable practice of giving.

One gift Enugu state received this season was the gift of peace. Considerably, the 2021 yuletide was just another safe, peaceful and serene season of zero crime in the state under Gov. Ifeànyi Ugwuànyi’s watch.

Peace is a gift many would not appreciate until the whirlwind of disorder and anarchy sets in.

And this is where His Excellency Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi had distinguished himself among his peers. He wouldn’t wait until evil sets in for us to appreciate good.

Though there were relative tranquility in the regime preceding his, but due to absence of the present notoriety of Fulani militia and banditry then, it was not appreciated. But now security has become the heightened priority of any state government.

Since the blood bath at Nimbo in early hours of April 25, 2016, Governor Ugwuanyi had blocked all potential routes of men of the underworld and plucked off their ravenous canines.

However the 2021 yuletide was different. It was just another safe, peaceful, and serene season of zero crime in the state under Gov. Ugwuanyi’s watch.

The State Government’s forest Guards (which had apparently reduced unemployment rate in the state appreciably) were common sights in many villages. The neighbourhood watch were empowered too.

Ugwuanyi made the security mesh look so easy as if the people were empowered to protect themselves. This was because the forest Guards were our brothers, same as the neighbourhood watch outfits. Ndi Enugu could sleep with both eyes closed in the yuletide because in the Lion Building was truly a “Lion” whose mane guards his people (Ebube Agu na-eche ndi ya)

That was one christmas gift the governor gave to the people which is somehow undervalued by many. An enduring gift!

Don’t get it twisted. Security of lives and property aside its constitutional ‘razzmatazz’ is a prized asset. Those who could not appreciate this should look at Ondo State currently, with all the overhyped Yoruba Amotekun outfit.

Gov. Akeredolu is crying wolf!

The herders were wrecking acute havoc since the festive period in the state. And despite being an APC controlled State, they are yet to crystallize out the best approach to stem their insecurity tide. Few days ago, he publicly issued an executive order banning herders from the state. And it has brought untold enmity between him and the FG.

This was something Ugwuanyi masterfully crafted out and executed without people knowing how. Till the end of the world, security of lives and property remains the foremost and paramount responsibility of any government, and *Gov. Ugwuanyi’s* uniqueness in this regard astounds the mind and remains legendary.

Training and deployment of forest Guards paid off. And the use of state traffic wardens did as well. Aside reduction in unemployment rate, these two outfits seamslessly keep the state ordered. Gburugburu is just phenomenal!

Those who have his ears should help us whisper to him that: “we are grateful for the gift of safer Enugu lives during and after the ember months.”

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao attested to this in his visit to Enugu last week. He was in Government House to commend Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his administration’s continued support to the Nigerian Air Force and other Military formations and units within the state.

The Air Chief used the opportunity to formally introduce the new Air Officer Commanding Ground Training Command, Enugu, Air Vice Marshal Daramola to the Governor; and reassure the governor of “his commitment to the security and development of Enugu State”.

Stressing the supportive role of Gov. Ugwuanyi in ensuring internal security in Enugu State and beyond, Air Vice Marshal Daramola appreciated the governor “for the support that he continue to provide to the Military in general, the Army, Police and to us the Nigerian Air Force”.

He pointed out that “it is this support that has ensured that Enugu has remained the most peaceful state in the South East geo-political zone” adding: “That goes with the fact that the numerous legacy infrastructure projects you have put in place, especially the roads within Enugu and in the rural areas are part of those things that ensured the state remains secure”.

He commended the governor for the feat, saying: “Within your time of leadership in this state, so much development has come which have curtailed the activities of these miscreants in this state.

“We want to thank you for receiving us and assure you again of the Chief of Air Staff’s highest esteem and regards as well as his continued cooperation to ensure that Enugu State remains safe”.

There could be no better testimony to Rt. Hon. Ugwuanyi’s excellence in the areas of security of lives and property than these. May God bless Gburugburu!

Reported by

Hon. Mrs Bibian Anekwe
The Senior Special Assistant on Empowerment and mobilization to Enugu State Governor.


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