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When the administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi winds down in May 29, 2023, what might eventually make headlines in the people’s subconscious is the epitaph of a leader who came, saw and conquered. Governance is never a tea party. Never mind the hordes of political gladiators justling the space as if they actually have the welfare of the people that they intend to superintend over their fortunes at heart. One of the most important factors that shapes a good leader is the ability to remain focused, have in-built shock absorber and a disposed mind and patience to take on the many bullets that would be fired in his or her direction in the course of upholding what is reasonably right for the benefit of the masses. Anyone who aspires to lead others but lacks these basic attributes is bound to be authoritarian which is a sure recipe for violence and sundry political vices.

Another important factor in governance and which often seems as a misplaced priority is the mindset of a leader to accommodate only those he considered friendly to his or her government while those considered as enemies must be hunted and crushed. Fact is that even those who appeared to be in opposition to all government policies and programs and those who are highly critical of a leader are the true lovers of the government. Supposed friends and supporters of any government might not be highly disposed to let a leader know where he or she is promoting anti people’s policies. It is always what the leader wants to hear that they are always posed to project.
Here in lies a major take away from
Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration. Since he stepped into the Lion Building in May 2015, all shades of opinion were treated with equal respect. It never mattered who or what is being said about the government. What has only mattered is where to draw inspiration for the upliftment of the people’s welfare. Perhaps, this has enabled the kind of synergy that resulted in the unprecedented peace and harmony we experienced in Enugu in the last seven years and still counting. Every single group or individual is counted as a veritable partner in the progress of Enugu State. This might be just a new test case for the incoming administration after Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. How the incoming administrator manages or sustains the synergic relationship among all shades of opinion across political divide will make a huge difference to douse the apprehension of the citizens about sliding back to the hosbian state of nature where violence and political intolerance rules the space.

They may not be any doubt as to the unrosy relationship which existed between the government and members of the fourth estate of the realm in most states of the federalation including the center. Government at the center in the past has had to weild the big hammer on some select media houses whose reportage of government policies and programs were considered offensive to government. In most cases, government sponsored kidnap of editors of such media house or outright hounding of the reporters of such seemingly offending news reports rules the space. Fact is that there is no love lost between the government and the media. The media has always been considered as agenda setters for good governance but government usually see media practitioners as rabble rousers which must be dealt with. In his usual character, Ugwuanyi courted the media irrespective of political biases. Oh! What a leader? To ensure that Enugu State media practitioners continue to make impact in the overall governance improvement, governor Ugwuanyi made a major intervention in NUJ Enugu Press Centre, after 3 decades of being in the limbo.
Inaugurating the newly remodelled NUJ Press center facility named after him, Governor Ugwuanyi announced further intervention to make the facility more conducive and rewarding for the news hounds and the general public. The difference is certainly clear. Between the government that brooks no opposition especially from the media and the one who understands the importance of the media in societal building and growth and wants it to flourish. This is Ugwuanyi’s legacy. We are hoping that the incoming administration in Enugu will not stop short of expanding the frontiers of collaboration and partnership with all relevant stakeholders in the task of nation building.

Comrade Sam Udekwe, the Enugu State Chairman of the NUJ must have been a proud and a lucky man during whose tenure, the peace loving governor of Enugu state remembered the long forgotten NUJ press center in Enugu. Comrade Udekwe acknowledged that much during the official hand over of the re-modelled facility to the members of the NUJ in the state when he stated that the governor’s gesture was a surprise package and a dream come true and his imprints would remain indelible
in the history of journalism profession in Enugu State in particular and the country in general.

In all these, Ndi Enugu must acknowledge Gov. Ugwuanyi as a leader with the Midas touch in everything he undertakes.

May God in His infinite goodness prepare for us another leader who is even willing to surpass the positive legacies of Ugwuanyi in government. Hopefully, Barrister Peter Ndubusi Mbah looks good to fit into his big shoes. May God make it easier for Ndi Enugu through Christ our Lord, Amen… Surely Enugu State is in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “The best leader not only inspire us, they develop and empower us to lead with passion from whatever position we currently hold in life”

© Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.

MediaTeam lead for Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement.


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