Let us now start talking about this Youth O’CLOCK era that Governor Ifeanyi UGWUANYI has begun to unveil in Enugu State. It is called the Enugu Youth Mandate. The blueprint that would produce historic outcomes that would vividly explain cum demonstrate youth participation in governance, youth development and empowerment as we are now through with the era of national protests and unguided activism.

Just as President Buhari pinpointed in his speech, it’s time for our youth to begin to constructively engage our leaders and stakeholders on the need for a New NIGERIA. I commend President Buhari for appointing a 40-year Nigerian leader as the new EFCC Chairman.

This blueprint has begun since in Enugu State.

No Government in the past has beautifully engaged the youth in political participation as the present Enugu State Governor has demonstrated. Governor Ugwuanyi is the best temperament to engage to fullfill this leadership blueprint that would wonderfully produce youthful Governor, Senators, House of Reps members, commissioners, Chairmen of boards etc from 2023 in Enugu State.

I plead with our youth to now show we are prepared for leadership…in character and competence. The era of “hyper comradeship” is over. It’s time to show capacity. How can many of our youth be busy answering unnecessary titles like “Rt.Hon” this and that when we have not even graduated with good results from schools? Why the politics of billboards when we have not traceable impacts or success stories attached to our names, careers and offices? What do we gain when we see politics as full-time jobs Shen our mates all over the world are making tremendous impacts in their various spheres of influence? We have be one more title and entertainment conscious than building leadership capacity and entrepreneurial skills.

Let us now engage our leaders to hand over power to the youth in 2023. But we must show character and competence. Our leaders will not handover power to thugs and those who destroy our remaining insfrastructures. Let us now engage our leaders on job creation, mentoring and political participation.

Governor Ugwuanyi is busy building his own structure that is highly about the Enugu Youth Mandate. Do you see what I see? Which other state in Nigeria have we seen over 80% of LGA Chairmen as youth except in Enugu State? That obvious demonstrated blueprint was enough signal from Governor UGWUANYI that it’s now YOUTH O’CLOCK in Enugu State.

My advice to those politicians who want to REMAIN in power forever is to join Governor UGWUANYI to fullfill his Youth Mandate with young people in Enugu. The president admitted that those in power have heard the protest language very clear and loud during the #EndSARS era.

Governor Ugwuanyi is raising the next generation of leaders that would lead Enugu State, so we have no reason to engage in violent protests as leaders who are preparing to take over leadership in Enugu State. The violence experienced during the 2nd phase of that protest was regrettable and dirty. No visionary leader would break ATMs and government infrastructure in the name of protest. Our job as visionary youth leaders is to show the lifestyle of character and competence in all we do.

I also advise young people to now engage in personal development, skill acquisition and leadership capacity for financial freedom and competence, as politics has alot to do with cashflow. The wealth of the world is now massively embedded in new technologies like engineering, blockchain, agrobusiness, modern media, Social Entrepreneurship, ICT, Forex trading, alternative energy etc. The pocket economy of our youth will contribute stupendously as we prepare to take over leadership and build the Nigeria of our dream.

They have heard us loud and clear, so no need to keep fighting. It’s time for constructive engagements that will focus on youth development and empowerment for the Nigerian youth. We will now continually engage Governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi and other leaders in Nigeria to achieve this Youth Mandate. This gburuism Governor has shown his commitment to this Youth O’CLOCK that we seek as the youth of Enugu State. We are no more too young to LEAD!

Written by
Emeka Asogwa
A youth crusader based in Enugu State


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