Udi General Hospital Receives a Breath of Life from Chief Maurice Akueme



When an individual undertakes to provide his society with some of the basic facilities ordinarily expected to be done by the government, it is certain that the onlookers will logically stand in applause and appreciation. Chief Maurice Akueme ;the meek philanthropist running the popular Maurice Akueme Foundation has once again demonstrated his unparalleled generosity and benevolence as he restores Udi General Hospital’s source of energy and power.

Of course, Chief Maurice Akueme does not need any introduction in our immediate society anymore as he has made unconditional alms giving his favorite lifestyle . After taking care of the bills of the patients in the hospital, Maurice Akueme Foundation ably led by Hon. Mike CJ Madu (Gburuchi) , the foundation further responded to the appeals of the management of the hospital that their only generating set (Perkins CM51027) was in a state inertia and disrepair; by funding a swift repair of the power house and today Udi General Hospital is functioning round the clock without any form of complaints with regards to energy and power supply.

Surely, goodness and mercies shall follow Maurice Akueme Foundation (MAF) for its timely and legendary interventions in lifting the burdens of our people.

Enugu is the Hands of God.

Reported by Nnamdi Amadi.


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