Ugwuanyi’s Act Of Political Sagacity Confirmed Again By Pdp


Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s unblemished skills in handling difficult tasks has once again been acknowledged by his immediate political family, the PDP. Considering the palpable apprehension generated by the zoning controversy in PDP and the intricacies currently surrounding its debate in Nigeria, many had thought that the Ugwuanyi Zoning Commitee set up by the party would hit the rocks. However, the eventual outcome of the assignment which in all ramifications looked intractable jolted book makers who had earlier envisaged a deadlock.

Expectedly, when it became obvious that the task was enormous, the party searched for highly talented leaders with proven track record of political dexterity to rescue it and resolve the issue. And that was how the master strategist and political diplomat, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi came into the picture to handle the daunting task and reposition the party.

To underscore the complex nature of the issue at stake, the Governor’s political traducers went into jubilation on hearing that he accepted the assignment because according to them it was a daunting task that nobody could resolve successfully.They naively celebrated and predicted the eclipse of his rising profile as a result of their assumption that the issue was intractable and therefore would consume all those assigned to handle it politically.

The purported stalemate of the committee’s first meeting in Enugu Government House where they could not reach a consensus on the modalities of power sharing in the party was a pointer to the complexity of the assignment.There was a sharp division among the members on the region to produce the party’s national chairman because of its implication for power sharing in 2023.

Nonetheless, he was not perturbed as he navigated through the troubled waters as the chairman of the committee and gave the party an acceptable solution to the surprise of his detractors. In his usual characteristics, he carried everybody along during the assignment by providing a platform where major stakeholders of the party were democratically involved in the decision making.

Having secured the consent of the party men through such a diplomatic approach, Ugwuanyi was able to successfully round off the committee’s assignment to the admiration of most Nigerians on a record time. Undoubtedly, the speed and dexterity with which he discharged that onerous responsibility marvelled even the greatest sceptics. He once again proved to his party and general public that he is one of the most skillful and reliable politicians in Nigeria today.

Apparently, the ratification of the committee’s report by PDP’s NEC is an indication of acceptability of Ugwuanyi’s unquestionable capability. He has once again displayed political wisdom and maturity in addressing difficult situations. It may not be wrong therefore if Nigerians intensify their call for his services at the national level, so as to reposition the entire country and pull it out of the current economic and political doldrums. He has done it in Enugu State and can replicate it at a higher level of governance if given the opportunity.

Enugu is in the safe hands of God

Bibian Anekwe News added – “Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.” .

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By Jeff Ejiofor


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