A Clarion call for total support for HIS EXCELLENCY RT. HON. DR. IFEANYI UGWUANYI has become imminent in the heart of well meaning citizens of enugu state.
the man Rt. Hon dr. ifeanyi lawrence ugwuanyi has shown great commitment and resilience towards maintaining peace in the state; his wise approach towards governance is second to non that is why he remains the man of the people, a true ICON OF PEACE AND HUMILITY.

1,His Excellency has proved beyond all reasonable doubt to be a humble and peace loving man starting from the genesis of his political career, contesting the L.G seat of his L.G and having had to step down for his opponent in the interest of peace and going further to give him his unalloyed support; little did he know that something greater awaits him; that is why i call him (EZECHI DELU) a king destined by God himself.

2,Never have i seen a man so much accepted by all such as gburugburu, creating so many political history for young and old politician to emulate.
starting from his first primary he emerged unopposed, as if that was not enough he claimed 80% of the overall casted vote in the general election.
then in his second tenure he emerged unopposed again in the party primary and also in the general election as no party had any candidate to contend instead they went further to endorse him to continue with the good work he has started in the state; Chai! indeed our gburus is a PACE SETTER and a HISTORY MAKER.

3,I can vividly recall that in the time of H.E Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani the State party had two fractions, then in the time of H.E Barr. Sullivan I. Chime the state party had three fractions, but H.E. RT. HON. DR. IFEANYI UGWUANYI has no discrimination and has continue to pursue peace at all cost there by keeping the house together with the party as one without any fraction; chai!!! gburus indeed is a peace loving man.

4,A man keen to all his promise to his people regardless of the fact that he has little recourses compared to his predecessors to run the state, but has made good use of the I.G.R and F.A to better the lives of ndi Enugu by paying workers at when due, seeing to developing key infrastructures in the state and empowering the talented and hard working youths of Enugu through the Enugu State Small and Medium Enterprise center (Enugu state S.M.E center).


RT. HON. DR. IFEANYI UGWUANYI has a very charismatic social life, having being the man with the highest conferred chieftaincy title in the state and beyond due to his achievements and accomplishments;
standing so tall as the GBURUGBURU of ENUGU STATE (All Round Man of Enugu state) a name that has substituted his biological name, also having been honored by the Ngwo clan as the OKA OMEE II of Ngwo( a man who speaks and accomplish) a prestigious title in Ngwo land reserved for HERO’S; Only the son of Ngwo soil and first Hero of Enugu H.E chief C.C Onoh the first indigenous Governor of Enugu state has been honored with as the OKA OMEE I of Ngwo land; his own people the people of Orba in Udenu LGA has searched and searched then unanimously came to the conclusion that he is the first man who’s magnanimity and benevolence has no limit (DIURU KA ENYI 1 of Orba). as far as Enugu State politics is consigned HE IS THE LEADER WE ALL ARE FOLLOWING.


The five Governor’s of the south east had a joint security meeting on how to tackle insurgency in the south east and came to a resolution to set up indigenous security body that will see to the fight against insurgency and insecurity. Our peace loving Governor being a man with the welfare and security of his people at heart swung into action immediately he returned being the first Governor to implement the out come of that meeting by setting up the Enugu state security and Neighborhood watch comprising of over 4,000 fully trained indigenous gallant men and women carefully selected from the 17 L.G.A that makes up our dear state and equipped them to secure the neighborhood of the state. As if to say that was not enough he also set up the Enugu state Forest guard comprising of over 1,700 fully trained gallant men from the 17 L.G.A that makes up the state to guard the forests and landmarks of Enugu state. Regardless of the low inflow of cash to the state account and the economic challenges of the country and State Our resilient Governor gave no excuses but found a way to squeeze out cash to procure over 250 vehicles distributed to the neighborhood watch and Forest guards to ensure effectiveness and fast response where need be. Chai! What a blessing we have in Gburugburu; peace loving, humble and God fearing.

So on this not I will like us to recall that Ndi enugu has an already existing modus operandi if it comes to politics and Governance as Peace loving people.

As ndi Enugu trusted H.E Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani after completing his 8years in office to set the mantle in the right direction that brought about H.E Barr. Sullivan I. Chime as his successor and he did exceedingly well; and we also trusted H.E Barr. Sullivan I. Chime also set the mantle to the right direction, that brought about H.E Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi L. Ugwuanyi as his successor and he is leading by example and doing exceedingly well then it is only right that the good people of Enugu and PDP our great party unanimously support and trust H.E Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi L. Ugwuanyi to set the ball rolling in the right direction for the continuation of Good, quality and effective Governance of Enugu state.

Long live the Good people of Enugu state!

Long live the People’s Democratic Party(P.D.P)

Long live H.E Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi L. Ugwuanyi.

Written by:

(The Deputy Chairman Udi Local Government Area)


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