Undiluted Total Support For His Excellency Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi A Record Breaker And An Astute Pace Setter (Volume 2)


From The diary of HON. PRINCE ANTHONY OKOLIE, The Deputy Chairman Udi Local Government Area

HIS EXCELLENCY RT. HON. DR. IFEANYI UGWUANYI is a man worthy of salutations and applause with so much wisdom and intellect for leadership; The most admirable and outstanding is his wise ways of fostering peace in the state at all cost. We the people of Enugu state is indeed blessed to have a renown peace loving man. Before I go on I will like to shed some lights on some of his major achievements so far.

His excellency Rt.Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence ugwuanyi in his effort to ensure that students in enugu state are exposed to digital ways of learning was present at a two-weeks mental arithmetic training organized by the National Mathematics center Abuja at Queens school enugu; while at Queens school His Excellency commissioned ICT Equipment’s procured by the state government for 60 public secondary schools in the state. The commissioned items include 600 computers, 600 computer tables, 600 UPS, 60 generator sets and 60 printers.

His excellency Rt.Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence ugwuanyi in his effort to ensure food security and improved agro-efficency in the state revived and bettered the UZO-UWANI ADA RICE AGRICULTURAL PROJECT thereby creating job opportunities and enhancing rice availability in the state, His excellency Rt.Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence ugwuanyi considered the economic importance of agriculture to the state and went further to assist over 11,000 farmers registered under the FADAMA III with seed inputs ,infrastructure and mechanization for this year farming season to ensure bountiful harvest in the state; He further empowered over 700 commercial farmers and Cooperative farmers all over the state through the COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (CADP) with financial assistance and made provision of basic inputs; His Excellency also ensured that over 1,700 farmers and farmers cooperatives are completely profiled and listed under the Agro-proccesing, productivity Enhancement and livelihood Improvement support Programme(APPEALS) that will soon start pre-disbursement training and also the provision of Intervention Funds in support of agriculture development in RICE and CASSAVA production in five local government areas in the state namely: Aninri, Nkanu East, Isi-Uzo, Enugu East and Udenu; under the International Funds for agricultural Development (IFAD); Not forgetting the establishment of small and medium scale industries in the 17 L.G.A’s of the state.

His excellency Rt.Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence ugwuanyi has proven to be an articulated leader with expertise in state and rural development without excuses to the decapitating economic condition of the Nation. His excellency has executed landmark projects such as the Nike Lake junction -harmony Estate Road- Amorji Nike Adoration Pilgrimage Center, Phase II and Phase III in Enugu East L.G.A which will link Abakpa and Emene thereby serve as a major by-pass that will help decongest traffic grid-lock at Abakpa/ Transekulu area towards Emene axis. Not to mention the asphalting of a 22.443Km inter-community link road connecting Neke Mbu-Ogbodu Aba Obollo Etiti road to Isi-Uzo and Udenu L.G.A under the Rural Access and Mobility Project II (RAMP II); also he saw to the Rehabilitation of numerous internal roads in the University town of Nsukka and not to forget the flood routing/ Erosion control work at Achi street in Independence Layout Enugu Enugu North L.G.A.
Under his administration we witnessed the construction of numerous Access and internal Road networks such the Golf Estate Annex Road located at Abor in our own Udi L.G.A which cost the state a whopping sum of N2.08 billion; The Agbalaenyi junction-enugu-onitsha Expressway link road at Oji-River L.G.A; the completion of the construction ,landscaping and furnishing of the international conference center (ICC) embarked on by the Nnamani’s administration and left 50% uncompleted; Also the Milken Hill road project which serves as an alternative route to the enugu-onitsha express way, just to mention but few

His excellency Rt.Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence ugwuanyi did make efforts to better the judiciary system by upgrading and constructing New structures. As if that was not enough he further introduced 14 new court Buildings and open Registries in the Judicial Divisions and Magisterial Districts across the state with 34 new customary courts making two per local government area, and the first Ever Enugu State Customary Court of Appeal Headquarters complex as well as the Court of Appeal Annex in Enugu.

So far so good we all can agree that truly ENUGU STATE IS IN THE HANDS OF GOD

Long live The Good People of Enugu State
Long live Our great party The People Democratic Party(PDP)
Long live His Excellency Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi


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