An Explosive Governor who delivers beyond his campaign promises


Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state has continued to maintain a good political atmosphere in the state through a rapid infrastructural developments and other democratic dividend to Ndi -Enugu. It is worthy of note for the people of the state to always be thankful to God who made it possible that Chief Ugwuanyi( Mr Fulfilment) is given to Enugu state by God as their governor with a divine mandate to put smiles on the faces of the largely populace that constitutes both the indigenes and non indigenes. Enugu state is today on the path of truth and righteousness because God has sent a Moses to deliver his people out of a fundamental bondage that has kept the people of God into an age long economic captivity and political emancipation.

No wonder the state never had it so good like this before going by the unprecedented achievements of the governor in the areas of youths empowerment, modern agricultural revolutions, health, modification of our education system and wealth creations. Other areas very significant includes; peace and security, creation of more local government developments areas.

Let us therefore take a glance of some of these economic giant strides of the Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s led administration in Enugu state,


Peace and security:

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, upon stepping into the lion building on 29th May 2015, aggressively restructured the security architecture of the state by creating a peaceful environment through a continued executive oversight in the judicious deployment of security votes which ordinarily domiciled under the control of the governor as empowered by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, as amended in 1999. Ugwuanyi’s timely release of his security votes entitlement to secure the lives and properties of the people of the state remains one of the best in the history of our dear nation. This has helped his administration to attain such heights in keeping our state safer from major crimes such as a broad day armed rubbery, political assassinations, unanticipated killings and lost if innocence lives, as its a different stories in other parts of states of the federation. Few days ago, over 100 farmers were killed by Boko Haram in one of the states in the northern part of the country. Enugu is peaceful today, is because of governor Ugwuanyi’s good leadership dexterity.

Again, in the first quarters of this administration’s first term in office, there were some smoked security sabotage in the state, linked to some highly placed politicians who had bent on bringing this administration down by all means in other to create an unnecessary security laps and uses it to overthrow the government, but God did not allow that to happen, due to his anointing power and grace on Chief Ugwuanyi’s head for the leadership of the state. Recall that at sometimes, a revered Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka once warned some setting individuals from the state to desist from causing state more harm, if not the wrath of God will quickly visit their families one after another. This warning by the clergy came on the heels of the murder of a catholic priest by an unknown gun men along Enugu protharcourt Awgu express axis. Fortunately, this warning paid off because those in question retracted from their evil machinations against the government of governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi because of the fear of being exposed by the outspoken, fearless Fr. Mbaka.

However, this became a wake up call on the governor after his inauguration for a second term in office to re-equiped our security personnel with a modern security gadgets and prompt release of over 100 Hiluxs, made by an indigenous company, Innoson Motos. Gov. Ugwuanyi also created 1,600 local security outfits for community policing by helping the Nigeria Police force and other related security agencies to combat minor crimes. At least each local got 200 personnel during the recruiting exercise with a directive of monthly adequately payment. These personnel were divided into two structures, one to maintain neighborhood and community policing, while the other to man our forest and guards them, so as to monitor both inflow and out flow of forest herders over the unwanted farmers clashes. H.E Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is an explosive governor who has performed beyond expectations and have continued to earn the public trusts.

Youths Empowerment:

Undoubtedly, the people’s governor have made a name for himself in the lives of our youths. His achievements in youths employment cannot be over emphasized going by the good number of people he has placed on live permanent jobs in the state civil services commission. Over 10,0000 Enugu youths have been properly engaged in the skill acquisition programmes through the SME Enugu centre, about 1000 youths of Enugu have also been empowered through political appointments by Ugwuanyi’s administration, since its inception.

A record breaking.

also to note are over 1,500 enugu youths who have equally been engaged through Enugu green project (keep the state clean, daily exercise). In fact, this is too numerous to counts.
Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the highest employer of labour and human capital developments, in the entire state populace, not considering the minimal resources at his disposal.

Health Sector:

The advent of Corona Virus has further exposed the poor state of Nigerian health system, thereby making it almost impossible to attend to some patients whose medical history linked to Covid19, which invariably led to the lost of many lives in some other states. But luckily enough, Gov. Ugwuanyi took a proactive health measures to contain such recurrent cases in Enugu through his visionary leadership to immediately give a new face lift to our state health facilities, such as giving adequate attention to Park-lane state hospital, the state diagnostic centre through provision of the state of arts equipments for the treatments of patients with the history of Corona Virus while it lasted. Also, the governor drastically changed the narrative of the old Enugu colliery hospital which had been dead and forgotten by other previous administrations in the state. Today that hospital has been upgraded to a world class stage. Who says Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is not performing wonders in Enugu when compared to other states that receives similar little federal allocations like Enugu? The type 3 hospitals embarked by the administration in the rural communities has become a master stroke to his contemporaries. The state government under the watch of Ugwuanyi has performed beyond his 4cardinal point agenda. Ifeanyichukwu is a blessing to our dear state, and we cannot take that for granted.

Agricultural Revolution in Enugu:

Like i earlier enumerated in my previous publications, the impacts of the administrations of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in agriculture and empowerment of our farmers has been ranked number one in the entire nation. H.E, the governor has provided some soft loans and grants to our farmers through one of the SMEs programmes, however, the government has equally procured and distributed some highly technological mechanized machines to all the 17 LGAs in Enugu state. It is also of note to state that Adada rice, in Uzo-Uwani have been revitalized to boots rice productions for the state through which the state can begin the process of food exports in the nearest future. Gov. Ugwuanyi has equally provided a quantity of seedlings for the all round seasons crops cultivation, this he meant by putting much efforts in the diversification of the state resources through agricultural revolutions.

Going by all these indices, carefully enumerated, one need not to ask further questions whether the governor is working or not, but rather to continue to appreciate the good efforts of the state government through all these well economic plans.

Enugu state is in the hands of God.


Written by

Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku,
DG. Enugu West Political Movement.


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