Dr. Nnam’s inglorious exit from the Lands Ministry


Resignation from office is often viewed as one of the dignified means to bow out from the public office. It feels like the gentleman’s protest alternative.

But the practice of resignation across the parlance of human history had always implicated one detestable factor — the weakness of the reisgnee to deal with the situation he/she sights as reasons for his/her resignation. For instance, when Pope Benedict XVI broke over six century record to become the first Pope in modern history to throw in the towel from the petrine chair, many praised his courage. But beneath the face value of his ‘praiseworthy’ resignation, lies the burden of the notorious Vatileaks.
Recall the infamous divulgence of some controlled Vatican curia documents by the Papal Butler that revealed alleged ‘corruption’ in the holy Roman catholic and apostolic Church within the Vatican curia. Many pundits believed the scandal remotely persuaded the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. His Holiness may have found himself incapable to deal with the ‘guilt’ (if any) of the allegations and decided to take walk.

The scenario painted above is captured in a popular Igbo proverb which says that ” A frog does not run in the daytime without a cause”. The frog must be after something of interest or some forces are after it and so it must escape to safety.

In the case of Dr. Nnam, he has practically seen the doom’s day coming, and had to take the last minute option to throw a gamble to know if he can save his face. His, was a about 2 years of unpalatable stint at the Ministry of Lands and Urban Development in Enugu. Petitions upon petitions had risen against him. Gov. Ugwuanyi as a democrat of outstanding repute, a firm believer in the rule of law. He always ask that the law should take its course.

So, never make prone your discerning ability to the suaviloquent dummy bandied by less discernists who have failed to read in between the lines, but would rather hail the dishonorable exit of the erstwhile honorable Commissioner from the office. Some are won’t to play mischief by labeling those who have risen in condemnation of Dr. Nnam’s resignation from office as governor’s attack dogs who are bent on discrediting Dr. Nnam’s seeming discretion to throw in the towel on the ground of alleged strangulating administrative hogwash from his employer.

Now let’s get down to the basics… Nothing could be more dishonorable than employing public office to swell private savings. Preening on the poor masses has been a recurring decimal ever since the embittered Dr. Nnam, the Commissioner for Land and Urban Development, Enugu State mounted on the department’s saddle. Scathing petitions and damming reports from victims of his land fleece and racketeering kept flying in and out of disciplinary tables for redress. The compliant and the rule of law loving Governor Ugwuanyi, would readily placate heaving chests, stretch out frayed nerves and pour ice on the righteous fires of many heart drooling disciplinary hailstorm on the deviant land Commissioner who elected path of recidivism. Like the proverbial frog that dialogues with both legs in full glare of sunlight, Dr. Nnam’s inglorious tenure has effected more harm to Enugu land owners than the rampaging herdsmen conquistadors. Dr. Nnam bit more than he can chew with hordes of cases to answer before the Enugu State legislators and the Nigerian anti graft agency, EFCC who were on his neck recently prior to his sudden but unceremonious desertion from office.

Permit my rehashing briefly for record purposes. The hoopla generated couple of months ago at New Artisan Market wherein the ploy to rope in Governor Ugwuanyi in that embarrassing scenario couldn’t fly as choreographed. It was on report that upon court’s leave to recover a certain named Chief’s land, people of Northern extraction who were in occupation then, fled into rage brandishing shiny metals of human destruction. Quickly, the media went agog with inanities of Ugwuanyi’s architectural involvement in the execution debacle. Keen observers conceived much as I do that certainly a day for reckoning would present itself for examination and here the bell tolls for Dr. Nnam.

It is pretty humbug and utter hogwash to trade self righteous course for resignation, stating that his resignation was motivated by disengagement from service, his co travellers in administrative infamy even where consistent inhouse report has it that his fate accomplices were bundled out to other departments for ritual cleansing, rehabilitation, efficiency and probity.

Such puerile defence rested on a shaky wicket would elicit no public sympathy to his favour against Gov. Ugwuanyi who over since ascendancy to guber office has established inflexible reputation for excellence in governance. A youthful governor full of exuberance and drive for perfection can’t afford the luxury of dislodging experienced hands in the steering wheel of a sector of the state’s economy. Ndi Enugu know Ugwuanyi and what he represents in contrast to frivolous and unfounded claim peddling by unfortunate sleaze masters.

Assuming without conceding to the facts of resignation jumbled by the said Commissioner, the letter doing the rounds on the media, is his greatest undoing in a bid to subtly wallop the people’s governor who was in Abuja for his great Party, PDP national assignment. Dr. Nnam can best be said to have absorbed the most unprofessional counseling from whomever goaded his gaffe especially where all eagle eyes of his victims pranced ravishingly on the author of their land misfortune. Reallocation of land faithfully purchased by one to another devoid of just course is nothing less but depravity and man’s inhumanity to man. And how Dr. Nnam has toured in this despicable clandestine trade embossed with government legitimation kept everyone in rude shock. Well, one thing is certain, a rule of natural law perhaps, that nothing remains hidden under the sun. Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Prof. W. Soyinka in one of his evocations on the herdsmen menace captioned ” From Myetti to Haiti” solidarity visit to Haiti, quipped thus” When truth simmers, the lid on realities has a brief, unreliable lifespan”

Written by

Hon.Mrs. Bibian Anekwe

SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement ( DG)


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