ENUGU GOVT EMERGENCY INTERVENTION: Again Ugwuanyi lets empathy flow


Custodians of Nigeria’s checkered political development history would
find Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s leadership in Enugu uniquely interesting. He has revolutionized public office and transformed democratic authority to wear hunan face. During the first republic, former President Shagari came under public reproach for his alleged display of laize-a-fair attitude when he visited the armory mishap sites at Ojo military cantonment in 1981. Newsmen reported that he landed there, lit his cigarette, puffed it and flew off. From then till lately, when Peter Obi was seen walking amidst heavy flood that ravaged Anam axis of Anambra during his days as governor, im commensuration with the victims, it had been one tale of uncompassionate leadership after another across our sociopolitical landscape.

This narrative is being changed by the tender-hearted governor of the people Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. He, like Bishop Geoffrey Onah of Nsukka Diocese would say is “shepherd that smells like his sheep.” He doesn’t just hide under the diplomacy rhetoric of office decorum to claim that he identifies with his people. He goes to the scene of both public or private mishaps, cuddles the victims, mourns the dead, succors the afflicted and re-strategizes to forestall future occurrence of tragedies.

He did it in Nibo, Ituku ozalla UNTH, Posh Hospital New Haven, and many other unpublicized acts of extra-official show of charity.

Four days ago, something touching made the news from Office of the governor. A nefarious crime was reportedly committed in the suburb of Enugu where one Mr. Chidi Onyishi, a father of six allegedly murdered his 7 year old son in a suspected money ritual voodooism. His wife was left in deepsitted pain mourning the filicide of her son by her own husband.

Gov. Ugwuanyi who is never found wanting whenever any Enugu citizens is in pain swiftly went to the family through his Adviser on information, Steve Oruruo. He placated their anxiety, soothed their troubled souls and restored their shattered hopes. He instantly gave them half a million naira cash gift, in condolences and promised to take care of their needs till they are rehabilitated back to normal life from the effects of the trauma.

In fact hear from Oruruo himself: “We want to reassure you that the state government will stand vigorously behind you and mitigate the suffering of your kids and contribute immensely to your recovery from this shock. And it is the wish of the government to use all legal means to ensure that there is diligent investigation and that the course of justice cannot be subverted. The government is poised not to allow it to be truncated. Everything that needs to be done will be done by Enugu State government to ensure that you find justice and overcome this challenge.”

Nigeria is yet to witness a governor like Rt. Hon. Ugwuanyi in her history. His practical show of empathy is unparalleled. And today, analysts can comprehensively understand why the state’s slogan since his reign has been “Enugu is in the hand of God.” No better way to show God’s hand on the people, than by being what St. Paul advised in 1Cor. 9:22 “He became all things to all men that he might win them for the Lord.” He weeps with those who weep and rejoices with those who rejoice (Rom.12:15).

The holy book was also right when it alluded that “when the righteous is in Authority, the people rejoice” (Prov. 29:2). Gov. Ugwuanyi is an emblazoner in this regard.

Enugu is truly in the hand of God!

Written by

Hon. Mrs. Bibian Anekwe

Senior Special Assistant on mobilization and empowerment to Enugu state Governor



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