In an age where propaganda has gained notoriety in the annals of governance in most parts of the country, Enugu state is lucky to be on cloud nine for five years running.

Some states have virtually forgotten about projects as their state chief executives go to sleep once salaries are paid; yet in some, incessant industrial unrests have become the order of the day as workers and pensioners are constantly at daggers drawn with the authorities over non-payment of salaries and allowances.

Development has become so elusive and alien to the people in some of these states such that the quality of life has become so cheap.

The people of Enugu state are however lucky to be blessed with a calm, resourceful, humane, agile, dynamic and development driven governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. In the last five years, Gburugburu, as Governor Ugwuanyi is fondly called has redefined governance and changed the paradigm of infrastructural development in the coal city state.

He is indeed, the unsung hero in elevating good governance to an enviable height. While opening up rural areas, the governor has also scaled up upgrading of urban areas to catch up with other parts of the world. He has been piloting the affairs of the state steadily and is surely achieving results, which are conspicuous even to his critics and opponents.

Through the conscious and concerted efforts of the governor, Enugu state has firmly regained its place as the administrative and industrial nerve centre of the south east region. The people are happier than ever before as many laudable policies and projects have been initiated and executed to advance the cause of their standard of living.

This has largely been responsible for the peace and tranquility that has pervaded the state since May 29, 2015. Of course, Gburugburu’s landmark achievements in his first term convinced the people to promote him to a second term with a historic electoral victory, which saw him crushed his closest rival like a trailer climbing an ant.

Unlike others, who after securing a second term become complacent and indifference to the welfare of the people, Ugwuanyi is even more active since his inauguration for the last term. His quest to imprint indelible legacies in the sands of history in the state is clearly discernible from his actions and activities. Instead of tiring out, the workaholic former legislator is now moving at a supersonic speed.

In order to achieve set targets, the government is aware that a motivated civil and public service is inevitable. Hence, he just enrolled my wife into the state civil service commission to enable her advance her dream career. Whereof, the state governor has approved the report of the joint committee for the negotiation of consequential adjustment for payment of N30,000 Minimum Wage.

Conscious of the fact that education is the light to the world, Governor Ugwuanyi’s earliest decisions immediately after inauguration for the second term was to approve the sum of N1.5 billion, N244 million and N200 million for payments of required counterpart funds for the Universal Basic Education (UBE) scheme for construction and renovation of more primary and junior secondary school buildings across the state which every local governments has enormously benefited.

Since health is wealth, and people need to be healthy to go to school and embark on any human endeavour, the governor equally approved monies running into billions for the APPEALS programme for women and youth’s agricultural empowerment and the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for comprehensive basic health services for every eligible resident in the state.

It is on record that Enugu state has never failed on counterpart funding of projects since Ugwuanyi became governor. What about agriculture? The revolution in the sector is unprecedented.The Ada Rice Uzouwani agricultural project is one of these towering achievements of the governor.

What about employment generation, governor Ugwuanyi has been aggressively and silently employing the indigenes of the state into the state civil service commission. Just a few days ago, H.E, the governor genuinely drafted my wife, Princess Chidera Dorathy Ugochukwu Nwanjoku, into a permanent career job in the state civil service commission to aide he the necessary opportunities to further advance her prosperous life and thereby securing her future with such a job security. This is the same opportunity i had longed requested from the so called self acclaimed competent and leadership personified individuals. These people could not afford us this help and opportunity, not because they don’t have capacity to do, but because they wouldn’t want to do it so that you don’t grow from there to pose threats to them in the future. But today, my leader and governor have simply granted me this singular request when i cried to him. Who says i won’t worship this man that wiped away the tears in our eyes? Who is that man to say i won’t do everything to protect the governor’s monumental legacies? Who is that tiny individual that his parochial interest will supercede that of the generality of the wellbeing of the state? Who is that selfish individuals who would say i won’t lay down my life for the governor, when their mission was actually to render me useless and unproductive, with a view to be using me as tugs in every 4years of our national elections? God forbid. Man is not God, and can never be even if the whole world falls under his control.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has wiped my tears. He has actually shown me that someone can immediately be empowered even without much wait and prolonged fake promises. He has kept his words. He is a promise keeper. He is simple and humane. A lover of peace and dignity.

May God surround him with all his heavenly hosts to successfully complete his remaining years in office as the executive governor of Enugu State, and with good health and longevity. May our good lord, also energize him more with much and clear wisdom to rightfully produce his successor from Enugu east senatorial zone, come 2023.

In Enugu State, after governor Ugwuanyi, we need that Enugu east man or woman who would continue with the total peace Gov. Ugwuanyi has carefully instituted in the State.

Governor Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi is an unsung hero.

Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku.(Wiseman)


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