Governor Ugwuanyi: A magnetic chip in the wheel of Peace



Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State have continued to live out the Biblical Beatitudes in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 5, vs9. An injunction for all generations to live peace, drink peace and promote peace in the land with an express assurance to be tagged true sons and daughters of God has continued to be the compelling force behind the person of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Like a magnet which latches itself with every identifiable metal, governor Ugwuanyi have left none in doubt about his disposition to leave an enduring peace in the land of Enugu. It is no surprise that a greater percentage of the spectrum of people of diverse groups and interests have continued to acknowledge the peaceful atmosphere which have pervaded the entire Enugu unlike what can be obtained in other states especially in the South East Geopolitical region.

Perhaps, governor Ugwuanyi’s uncommon sacrifice towards the entrenchment of enduring peace had equally ensured that more people have adopted Enugu as their second home and a preferred investment destination. The time tested statement that where there is peace, there will development and love be also cannot be more truer than in the case of Enugu State. While other states have been adversely affected by the issues of banditry, other extant social vices and political hullabaloo, governor Ugwuanyi’s maturity and peaceful disposition has ensured that the state remain relatively calm even as the 2023 general elections draws closer. What a leader!

It is imperative to remind those who might be having misgivings about government’s efforts to nip crisis capable of breaching the peace in the bud to check out Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration’s interventions in various peace efforts around the state since his assumption of office in 2015 and acknowledge in all honesty that his efforts has not really paid off in making Enugu State the preferred destination for all regardless of political, cultural or religious inclinations.

The Oruku crises which later claimed the life of the Traditional Ruler, Igwe Emmanuel Mba of blessed memory in a gruesome manner was one which tasked to no end the astuteness and managerial capabilities of the successive governments before Ugwuanyi’s administration. Today, I’m certain that peace has returned to that important community axis after Ugwuanyi’s high leveled intervention. About 2 traditional rulers from different communities in Enugu to my knowledge has been deposed or suspended for working against the interest of peace in their community in particular and Enugu State in general. Governor Ugwuanyi has through these action demonstrated his resolve to entrench peace around his constituency of Enugu. It should be recalled that governor Ugwuanyi had admonished all political office holders and traditional leaders of every community to take charge of their individual domains and would be sanctioned for any action capable of breaching the peace enjoyed by Ndi Enugu.

Perhaps too, it might be expedient to reiterate that PEACE as many experts had postulated including the Holy Bible is more than just the absence of conflict or state of individual/collective inner tranquility or completeness. Our Society is a dynamic one and peopled with diverse groups and interests. Therefore, conflict and crisis is to be expected. But keeping the peace is taking more than a passing action to restore the broken situation.

The recent security breach in Eha-Amufu community of Isi-Uzo local government area of Enugu State is another one too many since the emergence of ugly security situations around the country. As noted earlier, Enugu State to the glory of God has recorded a low profile of some of these ugly incidences in comparison courtesy of the commitment and capability of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration. Tempers once again rose to an all time high following the abduction of the family of the younger brother to the Enugu State Commissioner for Environment, Hon. Chijioke Edeoga in their own home in Eha-Amufu and the unfortunate death of the three of the local Vigilante operatives while in hot pursuit of the abductors. While the factors surrounding this ugly episode is yet to peter out, another round of deaths again occurred in the community. Both incidences have been attributed at the last count to the activities of the unruly herdsmen or misguided elements who might have invaded or intruded into the gregarious community from the neighboring Benue state. But I need to tow the line of thought of others before me that no evil can take root in the land without the active connivance of the inhabitants of that land.

Seen from the above prism, we should therefore understand the efforts of governor Ugwuanyi’s administration in tackling this menace and his stand in ensuring that peace returns not only to Eha-Amufu or Isi-Uzo but the entire Enugu State. The recent meeting of all stakeholders in Isi-Uzo with the state government and with the heads of all the Security Agencies in the state is not only commendable but should be seen as a sign that Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi remains a magnetic chip in the wheel of Peace in Enugu State and the country in general. During the meeting, a commitment to work and ensure peace in the area was not only extracted from all the relevant stakeholders but a blueprint has been charted to ensure that the ugly incidences of the past few weeks will eternally be buried and forgotten. It is in this wise that I will not only want to agree with the stand of Ugwuanyi that our predicament and challenges are largely our creations and since that is the case, we should equally create means of solving such challenges and in the words of the famous American essayist and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nobody can bring you Peace but yourself”

Thank you, your Excellency for making peace reign in the Land. So shall Enugu remain in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.



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