Is Gov Ugwuanyi Making the Right Decision with Regards to the Upcoming State Assembly Election at Isiuzo State Constituency?


It is unarguably true that no rational mind would be bemused to realise that nature abhors vacuum and every opportunity comes with a concomitant responsibility. So, without unnecessary regurgitation, it is paramount to review the situation surrounding the demise of the amiable House of Assembly member that represented ISI-UZO State Constituency of the current regime in the person of Hon.Chijioke Ugwueze whose eternal passage remains irreparable. Nevertheless, for the fact that in as much as we mourn his unfortunate and sudden exit, the seat he occupied cannot be left to be vacant forever, so inevitably, it is time to find a worthy replacement that will not just go down well with his CONSTITUENTS but would deliver excellently as a legitimate representative of ISI-UZO State constituency.

It is with regards to the aforementioned position, that the executive governor of Enugu State deemed it worthy and sound after a well deliberated consideration that Mrs.Catherine Ugwueze, the widow to the deceased, Hon. Chijioke Ugwueze would make a perfect match for the yawning vacancy created by her husband. For those who would wish to entertain the thought that it is decision solely taken to compensate the widow for the sudden death of her husband, it would certainly be necessary to dig up her impeccable profile as a resourceful multi-talented manager and entrepreneur of several wings and would unavoidably be marvelled at their discovery. But in case they are reluctant to carry out this urgent assignment, this platform would take joy in our subsequent publications to educate them about MRS AMAKA UGWUEZE’S stunning antecedents that must have inspired Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to approve her candidacy for the replacement of her husband.

Furthermore, for those who might be thinking that this is the first time such decision is taken in the political representation of a people, it would be necessary for them to take some time to study the history of windows’ succession of their husbands in political offices right -round the globe and by then will have no alternative than to appreciate Governor Ugwuanyi for adopting some classic and modern political strategies in piloting the affairs of ENUGU STATE.

At this point, it is relevant we take some steps back memory lane to remember that widow’s succession was a political practice prominent in some countries in the early part of the 20th century, by which a politician who died in office was directly succeeded by his widow, either through election or direct appointment to the seat. Many of the earliest women to hold political office in the modern era attained their positions through this practice. It also occurred when politicians stood down from a particular office without necessarily passing away. The first female president of Argentina, Maria Estella Martinez de Peron had the opportunity of climbing the ladder of political leadership only when her husband died and the people of Argentina never regretted her leadership. In Japan, we had widows like Keiko Nagaoka and Nobuko Okashita; in United Kingdom, we had substantial widows like Agnes Hardie, Irene Adams, Lener Jeger, Beatrice Wright; in the United States of America we had leaders like Edith Nourse Rogers, Catherine Dorris Norrel, Edna Simpson, Clara McMillan and many other widows that served their countries in different capacities as a result of of the death of their husbands in the active service of their respective countries.

So, how would some people of this part of the world assume that it is sacrilegious to allow a woman of repute in the person of Mrs. Catherine Amaka Ugwueze to represent her people by replacing her husband? I think instead entertaining grudges over Gburu Gburu’s disposition towards Amaka’s candidacy, we should unanimously applaud him for such courageous decision.

Before we rush to conclusion, we ought to take into consideration the fact that Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi among other things is driven by his desire to ensure that women inclusiveness implying the recommended 35% affirmative action on women participation in government is achieved and those who are willing to learn about the women performance in Enugu State Government would readily testify that the women inculcated into the governance of the state have performed beyond expectations justifying Ugwuanyi’s decisions.

After due review of the ongoing policies of Ugwuanyi’s administration, HON.Mrs. BIBIAN ANEKWE, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Mobilization and Empowerment therefore considers it quite timely to call on all well meaning citizens of Enugu State, especially the women folks to throw their weight behind Ugwuanyi’s administration so that he can continue the good work he has started with women especially now that he is extending his benevolence to the widows without any form of prompting or discrimination.







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