Man Mounts His Sound System On The Fence To Challenge Church ‘Disturbing’ His Peace


A social media user identified as Ebele. [@ebelee_] on Twitter has disclosed how his ally, Faysal, mounted his sound system on the fence between his house and a Church as payback for noises always coming out from the worship centre.

According to Ebele, his friend has always complained of noise coming from the Church next to the apartment, even in the weekdays. To revenge the loud sound coming out from the worship centre, Faysal planted his sound system on the fence and started playing circular songs.

“Faysal has killed me this morning. There’s a church next to his house that’s always making noise early in the morning even on weekdays, baba carried his sound system from his house to put on the fence demarcating the 2 compounds and started playing WAP,” Ebele revealed.

See the tweet below;




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