Newborn Found With Knife Sticking Out Of Her Back


A newborn baby who apparently was stabbed multiple times, has been found in a black plastic bin bag with a rusty knife sticking out of her back.

The baby who is said to be two days old, was rescued after she was heard crying by a passer-by in the city of Posadas in the north-eastern Argentine province of Misiones.

The passer-by named Diego Sebastian Penayo, a 31-year-old personal trainer, after discovering the baby, took her to a nearby police station and from there she was rushed to the hospital.

The little girl needed urgent medical attention as she had multiple stabs all over her body.

Fortunately most of the stab wounds were superficial and no major organs were affected.

Two out of her ribs had been broken also.

Despite that, the little girl is said to be making a good recovery such that nurses at the Hospital Maternal Neonatal have started calling her Milagros – ‘Miracle.’

David Halac, one of the doctors told newsmen that the baby can now breathe unaided and is undergoing treatment with strong antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

He added that the hospital is in no rush to discharge her until the legal situation of the child’s guardianship is resolved.

Police say that they have traced the baby’s mother and she is currently in custody.


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