Nigerians in Diaspora unite for Gburu-Gburu


A classical wise saying that has remained relevant till today is the notion that a foot that walks so fast, an eye that sees so fast is able to detect. My late father was always quick to admonish me on many occasions while counseling me on the need to imbibe moral virtues that can outlast me, that whoever has chosen to do good, is also doing it for him or herself while he or she who has chosen the evil way is equally being devious to him or herself. While the above sentence might look so self explanatory on the surface at least to an advanced mind, the import of the message does not appear to make immediate sense to a child’s mind. My father would therefore take extra time to explain in detail what the above idiom connotes. To further confuse my already befuddled sense of reasoning, my father would attempt to explain by adding yet another idiom. In his characteristics manner, he would prode me to say what comes to my mind whenever I see or hear a dog barking in the dead of the night or when the dog sights danger. And without waiting for my answer while scratching my forehead, he would come out in plain language.
“Look my son, when you hear a dog barking, it is simply acting out of intuition. It is inadvertently alerting it’s owner that danger lurks anyways. It is equally protecting itself from being attacked or harmed by the intruder if it keeps quiet or do not make “GRA-GRA”. Now, when you see a person doing good, the person is equally doing it out of intuition, because he or she is convinced that such good will benefit humanity. Consequently, a persons behavior has a larger spiral effect on the rest of humanity whether good or bad. And while one is going about doing good or bad, both God and humanity are watching.

Above largely sums the attitude and perception of Nigerians living in Turkey (I learnt that they are quite many there), Captains of industries and Turkish Investors as well as Political leaders in Turkey as they gathered on Saturday, the 25th of September, 2021 to celebrate a contemporary leader, an epitome of humility, peace and love for humanity and everything rolled into one who happen to come from a region on the Nigerian firmament which is in dire need of a straight forward leader. Beyond, the political colouration which the massive rally might have evoked in the minds of keen political and social analysts, governor Ugwuanyi sure deserves more than a fair share of whatever award or garland being howled his way by way of appreciation to encourage the animal instinct in him as a true good man.

Sure, no one man or woman born of a woman can be ascribed as infallible or perfect. Fact remains that while humans are wired differently, it becomes pertinent to showcase the positive aspects of our individual being. It is important too, that we might narrow down on the many aspects that defines our individual lives in other to shore up that which gives the leverage to impact humanity as it were. There is no doubt that the headboy in Enugu State has showcased more than enough aspects that defines his personal philosophy that it becomes more difficult to pin him down to a particular one. Yet, we are aware that humanity is in dire need of global peace and security. Many articles have been written giving credence to Governor Ugwuanyi’s exceptional efforts in the enthronement of peace and relative security of lives and properties of Ndi Enugu which has inadvertently increased traffic of human population in the coal city state. It therefore becomes easier for Nigerians living in Turkey and other business investors to study the trend of Ugwuanyi’s peace trajectories in Enugu. And in a true mark of confidence in what they have observed, read and seen, they threw their hat in the ring to recognize Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State as the most proponent of peace in Nigeria in 2021.

There is indeed nothing gladdening as being noted for our positive personal philosophy whether in government or out of it. I’m quite certain that being recognized as a man of peace or being referred to as a peace maker comes to Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi naturally as a piece of clothing would cling to a body. Therefore, our brothers living in Turkey in concert with lovers of peace in the diaspora should be commended for taking the extra mile to etch Enugu State and her Peaceful leader in the sands of time as the most peaceful leader in Nigeria, 2021. Mr. Emre Magbo, the President of the Nigerian Community in Turkey and his entire team and all those concerned with the organization of the massive rally where governor Ugwuanyi was honored have indeed done noble. It is important to also appreciate a quintessential iron lady manning the department of Mobilization and Empowerment in Ugwuanyi’s kitchen cabinet, Honourable Bibian Ebere Chigbo Anekwe who flew to Istanbul, the Capital city of Turkey to receive the award on behalf of the Governor who could not be in Turkey personally due to other pressing state engagements.
Truly, with Ugwuanyi, Enugu State remains in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added – “Excellence is potential chiseled into a more perfect state through vision, dedication and determination.” .

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.



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