Psquare Defunct: Peter Okoye Replies Fans, Speak On Settling With Paul His Twin Brother


Peter Okoye, brother to Paul Okoye, the famous Nigerian twins that made up the P-Square singing group, has reacted to calls and series of slams from fans over their separation from doing music together.

Bibian Anekwe News understands that Peter and Paul went their separate ways as music duo and brothers four years ago.

However, many of their fans have been hoping that the duo would come back together to make music as before. Although the two brothers in different occasions had given hints into what actually transpired between them, leading to their separation.

Reacting to a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, Peter who now runs a Zoom lottery business, said those calling him names are ignorant of his personality.

Peter urged them to continue barking while he continues to make progress in real life. He insisted that he no longer belongs to the group, advising the fans of the Psquare group to move on just the way he and his brother had done four years now.

Speaking about not coming out with new singles like other singers including his twin brother, he said; “This is about securing the major bags just like Diddy, 50Cent, Jay z, Kanye West and Dr Dre! Those are my Role models.

“They are still the top 10 richest musician in the world! when last do they really care about releasing music that much. make una learn to dey calm down! He who has ears let him hear!”


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