Ugwuanyi’s Administration – Still a Warhorse in the Security of Ndi Enugu


Strictly speaking, no one need be in doubt that the primary purpose of government transcends the need to have a group of people elected or appointed to oversee the affairs of the great majority in a given society. Ideally, leaders are the policy owners and are expected to articulate and fashion out the policy guide and needed direction to uplift the lives and welfare of the people in all ramifications. Beyond these still, Leaders should be responsible to those that they are meant to represent their interests. Perhaps, the greatest mishap that has had to happen to the hapless citizens is the unfortunate inheritance of leaders and governments that have largely become so irresponsible and uncaring except unto themselves, their cronies and their immediate family members. These set of irresponsible leaders behave as if the people they lead or rule owe them in the first place. They behave as if they are doing the people some great favours by sitting on top their affairs. These negative mindset of leaders in government have prevailed over time that people no longer have absolute confidence in the political leaders who strut the stage as leaders of the people. It has therefore become a rarity to find one leader out of the multitude who truly stand with the aspirations and wishes of the people they are meant to represent. Though we might be able to find those who are engaged in mere rhetoric and platitudes without tangible evidence of good governance in their respective domains.

Though, many would have remained apologetically constrained to give Governor Ugwuanyi his deserved credit for turning government trajectories around for good since he assumed office as governor since some six years back, yet one thing that cannot be taken away from this quintessential leader is his resoluteness to leave his mark positively in the sands of time no matter the thinking of the opposition elements anywhere. After all, there is absolutely nothing as fulfilling as doing the right thing and expecting posterity to judge one kindly. There is equally never a time has one done anything that has met with total acceptance from the people. This was the submission of the late highlife maestro, Osita Osadebe in his evergreen song “Osondi, Owendi”. There is no way all the policies of government would be acceptable to all with equal admiration. My drift so far has been to justify that the government of Ugwuanyi clearly understand it’s mandate to make life bearable for Ndi Enugu. No one can gladly deny the fact that in comparison to other component states in the country, Enugu State has truly remained a state in the firm grip of God in all socio-economic and political firmament. No one need being cajoled to agree that security wise, Enugu State remains high in the comparative index. Determined not to allow the gains being made in the peace and security trajectories to wane, governor Ugwuanyi once again charged the newly appointed Development Areas Administrators to take the issues of security seriously as his government is ever ready to keep the state free from all threats of bad elements that retard economic growth and development.

Governor Ugwuanyi a firm believer in grassroots development which remains the bedrock of economic growth and development recently appointed about 68 Administrators to take charge of the newly created development centers across the 3 Senatorial zones in the state. While swearing in the new helmsmen in Enugu recently, Gov.Ugwuanyi reminded them that security is first and foremost the responsibility of government and directed every one of them to relocate to their respective Areas to foster grassroots-based intelligence gathering, which he noted is an advanced panacea to stem local security challenges and improve overall well-being of the people especially in the rural communities.

Gov. Ugwuanyi was particularly mindful of the fact that grassroots synergy is sine qua non to actualize government objectives in the area of economic wealth, political awareness, security of lives and properties and sundry social issues and equally directed the newly sworn in Administrators to touch base with relevant stakeholders in their domain such as Traditional Rulers, Presidents of Town Unions, Religious Leaders, Youth and Women Organizations, Neighbourhood Watch groups, Forest Guards etc in order to inspire well intentioned grassroots security architecture underpinned by robust intelligence gathering and communication of same to security agencies. Governor Ugwuanyi, a workaholic himself might have equally sensed the mindset of contemporary leaders who usually find themselves in some positions of authority to behave as if they are doing their subjects some favour charged the Administrators to relocate to their respective development centers and focus on the realization of the objectives for which the Centers were created rather than remaining in the city where life is relatively easy to administer them. Touching base with their respective localities will equally afford the new Administrators opportunities to fully understand their neighbourhoods and residents including their means of livelihood, lifestyle and networks.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is indeed a thoughtful and thorough leader. May his true objectives to impact the people of Enugu State and change the narratives in the area of security, local economy and micro-infrastructure yield the desired result and even endure for the generation yet unborn. This is indeed our prayer, because Enugu state is truly in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added …”To be a leader is not to have a huge position,to be a leader is to see your job as a chance to inspire the world “.

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