Since the inception of governor Ugwuanyi administration in Enugu state, there is a high level of peace experienced by people of the state. His leadership changed so many abnormalities in our political existential history and development. One of the changes governor Ugwuanyi brought was that he changed the political narrative of do or die affair which is common in Nigeria politics into a political dialogue.

However, he never believed in the politics of tigbuo; zogbuo which characterized our political culture and ensured its annihilation which ushered us into the novel politics of inclusiveness and social cohesion in the state which brought unprecedented peace and tolerance in the State.

He understands politics from the point of collective input of all classes of people despite one’s political affiliation or status. In his acceptance speech immediately after the 2019 general elections, he opined that:

“In truth, the victory is not a winner takes-all. In our spirit of brotherhood, everyone is a winner. Therefore, I reach out my hand of friendship and partnership to my fellow contestants. I invite all of you to join hands with me so that together, we shall build a better Enugu State, to the glory of God”.

In addition, the winner takes-all that characterized our political system has been altered through the modest and charismatic leadership of governor Ugwuanyi. His administration sought for more political inclusion of all parties and classes of people and through peaceful political dialogue bring all people together no matter one’s political affiliation for more robust action on how to move the state forward.

His administration brought the opposition into the mainstream of leadership of the state and sought their opinion during any political development in the state. He killed the politics of thuggery in the state through the engagement of the youths in political appointments and other social programmes to improve their well-being; which have defined their socio-economic foundation. Initially, youths are used for political violence by politicians and after the election, the politicians dropped them all to wallow in poverty, which results to social unrest. Today in Enugu state, the narrative had changed with the dynamic leadership of our governor and election could be held without hearing a gunshot and this could be possible because of the new political culture of peace governor Ugwuanyi brought in the State which solved youth restiveness in the State.

The administration is youths friendly as he has given a good number of youth’s economic empowerment and many of them are occupying various strategic positions in his administration. He believed on merit and engages any he sees that he/she can deliver for his administration without looking at party affiliation or social status.

A support to our amiable governor, is a support for more good governance in the state

Bibian Anekwe News added “Ndi Enugu state let’s join hands together to support Gov.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi administration

Jude Chijioke Achu


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