Woman Narrates How Her Bf Impregnates Another Lady, Asks Her To Be Feeding Her


A distraught lady has taken to social media to explain the dilemma she has found herself In.

According to her, her boyfriend had impregnated a lady and told her that she seduced him.

She said he then begged her to allow him bring the pregnant girl to stay at her place since he is unemployed and stays with his sister.

After agreeing to harbour the girl, the young lady who goes to work daily, said that anytime she returns, there are always signs that some intimate deeds took place, just as she caught him on a random day but he apologized.

She noted that she has been spending her own money to take care of the girl, adding that there are days she sleeps in the sitting room just to allow them both have sex, since he had convinced her that the Doctor says they should have sex regularly to help her during delivery.

Expressing worry and confusion over the situation, the young lady decided to seek advice on what to do.


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