The Awgu Local Government Area Chairman since his election into office on February 29th 2020 has continued to reface the image of the council area in a government that Awgu people tagged the NEW FACE OF AWGU.

One year in office of the current administration of Hon. Pedro OKWUDILI NWANKWO “EZEOMEOGO”, is made possible and easy because God is in support of his administration, the council Chairman is so grateful to the Maker of Heaven and the Earth; the Executive governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Rt. Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has thrown his weight upon Awgu LGA leadership of all tiers; the wonderful support and result-driven ideas of the Stakeholders of Awgu LGA were much instrumental to this records; the synergy existing between the Executives and Legislatures of Awgu LGA, the prayers of the Traditional Rulers and the Clergies, the women and Youths support and their involvement, the party leadership and it’s members.
EZEOMEOGO is grateful to all the indigenes of Awgu LGA for their understanding and calmness especially during the period of lockdown/border closure/Palliative search and for abiding by the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines during the most challenging time of COVID-19. He is very much grateful to the Youths of all class for the support they have given this administration in one year.
The one-year in office of EZEOMEOGO and the Executives of Awgu LGA council is not without it’s challenges, he is pleading to NdiAwgu for their continuous support and prayers believing that more will be achieved with them.

The council Chairman Hon. Pedro Okwudili Nwankwo has in the last 12 months been able to undertake the following:
(1) The building of 3 classroom blocks + 2 office spaces for the school Heads in Unity Primary School Amofia (project completed);
(2) One-Youth-One-Skill Skill Acquisition Program;
(3) Practical/Sustainable Empowerment of 300 Youths in Tailoring, Cosmetology, Videography, Shoe-making, Decorations, Web Designing, Bead making, Hair dressing/barbing, etc with tools/machines given to each of them for start-up;
(4) Building of Central School Mmaku Annex ( extension) building, Agugwu Ezioha Mmaku (completed);
(5) Fencing/restructuring of NYSC Orientation Camp Awgu Enugu State of over 1600 metres (1.6km) in length (project completed);
(6) Construction of Omala River Bridge Ogboli/Ohaja Awgu ward I (project completed), this bridge is serving the three Autonomous Communities in Awgu Egbeleli – Ogboli Ọhaja, Adọgbalatọ and Ugwuleshi Community;
(7) Construction of 2.38km Onoli-Obuovia road project with erosion control on both sides (ongoing);
(8) Sponsorship of Gburugburu-Unity-Cup-Ezeomeogo-2020 to give Youths opportunity to exploit their talents through football;
(9) Building of Awgu Local Government Chairman’s lodge (80% completed);
(10) Renovation of Ogbaku Health Center – Ogbaku ward (ongoing);
(11) Onolieze Community, Awgu ward II Rural Electrification Restoration;
(12) Installation of Solar light in Awgu Local Gov’t Secretariat/facilities and its environs (completed);
(13) Obodo Umuoye Erosion Control Network/Culvert – Agbogugu Ward (Completed);
(14) Afọr Market hall Nenwenta – Anikenano/Ugwueme ward (Completed);
(15) Renovation of Awgu Local Government Secretariat;
(16) Construction of Ultramodern Public Toilet/Urinary at Eke Mgbowo Daily Market – Mgbowo ward (Ongoing);
(17) Construction of Bridge at Amankwo/Agbani/Odume/Akpuoka Road – Ogugu/Ugbo/Owelli/Amoli ward. (Ongoing);
(18) Construction of Culvert at Ọhaja – Awgu Ward I. (Completed);
(19) Construction of Culvert at Umuogba, IHE- Ihe Ward;
(20) Construction of Bus-stop at Madu-Akọ junction, Obeagu- Obeagu ward. (Completed);
(21) Construction of Culvert at Ugwu Village road Ezioka, Isuawa – Ituku/Isuawa/Agbudu ward (Completed);
(22) Culvert at Umuhu, Ugwuleshi Awgu – Awgu Ward II (Completed);
(23) Rehabilitation of Agric. Machines/Health Maintenance Vehicles; Awgu-Akịnụkwa road maintenance/grading;
(24) Roofing of Anikenano Development Center building;
(25) Procurement of Truckload of Yam/Truck loads of Beans/Truck load of Onions (distributed) to cushion the effects of hunger during COVID-19 pandemic;
(26) Grading of over 2500 metres Odenigbo-Obushi Inyi road (completed); Grading of Apama-Inyi Road (completed); (27) Grading of Agbada Ikem road Imama Mgbowo linking old Eke Mgbowo Expressway (completed);
(28) Grading of Kpurukutu – Enugu Port harcourt Expressway (completed);
(29) Sensitization/Awareness Campains/Distribution of health materials in all the over 34 communities in Awgu Local Government;
(30) Empowerment of the physically challenged persons in Awgu through JONAPWD;
(31) Sponsorship of Enugu Half Marathon that Awgu came 2nd position and the International Youth Day in Awgu LGA;
(32) Organising Primary Schools Quiz/Essay competition;
(33) Toilets facilities in Community Primary School Awgu ward II;
(34) Onoli-Amovia-Enugu PH Expressway road (graded);
(35) Road grading at Ekenwofia Street Onoli Awgu;
(36) Chief Nwafor Mmadu Street, Amaja Onoli Awgu (graded);
(37) Ululor-Ndiagu road, Awgu ward I (graded);
(38) Ohaja-Ogboli road Awgu ward I (graded) ,etc.
(39) Payment of arrears of 6 months Overhead owed the councillors by the council before the emergence of EZE-OMEOGO’s administration.
(40) Payment of 3 months Outstanding arrears of monthly Overhead owed the Development Center Administrators by the Council before the emergence of Hon. Pedro OKWUDILI NWANKWO’s administration.
(41) Eze omego paid the 2019 Leave Allowance of Awgu Local Government Staff workers, what a gesture?
(42) Regular and prompt payment of workers’ salary in Awgu LGA has been consistently delivered ever since his emergence.
(43) Over 280 political appointees (mostly Youths and Women).
There are other numerous projects/programs that we may consider as minor yet very important to the wellbeing of our people in Awgu LG that we could not be able to capture in this publication, like
(44) the production of Face Protective Masks of over 30, 000 units for the indigenes of Awgu LGA against COVID-19 (produced by Awgu LG council and distributed) + other COVID-19 preventive materials + organising awareness campaigns around all the communities in Awgu LG .
Ezeomeogo, the Executive Chairman of Awgu LGA, has in the past 12 months identified himself as Mr Projects, that alone has reinvigorated the hope, the love, the position of Awgu people and their belief in Hon. Pedro Okwudili Nwankwo “Ezeomeogo” as the New Face of Awgu.

EZE-OMEOGO is thankful for all and to all.

“Thank you Ezeudo of Enugu State, Gburugburu, Dulekenyi. Thank you for your wonderful support, the peaceful atmosphere you have created in Enugu State. Indeed Enugu State is in the hands of God as Awgu also in God’s hands.” – EZEOMEOGO.

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