In 2015, when the People Democratic Party PDP nominated Rt. Hon IFEANYI UGWUANYI as its governorship candidate for Enugu state in the general elections, Ugwuanyi presented his VISION.

His vision was designed to transform Enugu state through good governance, service delivery, rural development, infrastructural development, economic expansion, employment generation, security of lives and property, and justice for all citizens.
This vision to see an Enugu state where government services are set solely to create good opportunity for every citizen to make a living, create wealth, educate the children and enjoy life in a peaceful and secure environment, moved Gov. Ugwuanyi for a mission.

Has Ugwuanyi implemented/commissioned any of his VISION?
a) Employment generation
b) Rural development
c) Social Services and good governance
d) Security and justice

When Governor Ugwuanyi was elected and assumed office in 2015, the vision became the link and contract between him and Ndi Enugu state.
He quickly set the ball rolling by setting out an ambitious plan to implement the vision.

Today , the results speak for themselves. Across the state are physical signs of change and promise.
Ugwuanyi administration put the welfare of the citizens above all, and worked tirelessly to make Enugu state a better haven for all and sundry.
Enugu state has become more prosperous, democratic and peaceful because of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s untiring efforts and tenacity.

His vision, implemented and commissioned was endorsed by all the electorates of Enugu state when he was re-elected in 2019 in a landslide electoral victory.
Immediately he was elected into office as governor, Ugwuanyi started implementing his vision for Enugu state on employment generation, rural development, social services, good governance, security and justice..
He planned and allocated public expenditure and other government resources in a manner that was easily measure by reference to observable impacts on each vision.

On Social Services and good governance
Governor Ugwuanyi deployed government services which continue to create fair opportunity for every willing citizen to standardize their living through peaceful and secured environment.

Agriculture sector was revolutionarized. Farming materials, seedlings, implements and mechanized machines were provided to farmers to increase their cultivations and yields

Ugwuanyi administration reformed the land acts registration and transfer system in the state to ease the process of land acquisition for business and to obtain credit.. His government also patronize businesses located in the state and provides business support services to small and medium scale enterprises in the state through SME Enugu state.
He provided major public infrastructures that businesses require as well as the utilities that Ndi Enugu state are entitled to enjoy.

Ugwuanyi administration revamped water and sanitation agencies and employed over 1,000 Enugu clean project workers. Enugu state becomes one of the cleaniest states in Nigeria.
His administration also revived education sector. Ugwuanyi has revived and re-equipped all the technical colleges across the state with modern technical teaching equipment which have enhanced technical and vocational skills.
Continuous training and re-training of teachers and other public servants were acknowledged by the civil service commission and the civil servants in the state. Also, promotion of workers was revamped. It is now a continuous process in Enugu state. Civil servants are now promoted . Workers’ salaries which was upgraded by Gov. UGWUANYI , can now sustain the workers and their families unlike before

Tertiary Institutions were not left out. Ugwuanyi provided infrastructure and facilities to the state-owned tertiary schools.
Many classrooms were built ,and many renovated and equipped by his administration
Ugwuanyi has constructed, renovated and eqiupped many health centres ,specialist hospitals across the state.
His response to covid-19 and yellow fever pandemic was the best. He fought the fight and won.

On Employment,
Ugwuanyi has created enabling environment for massive employment generation in the state. There was massive employment in education, judiciary, sanitation sectors. Over 7,000 graduates and non graduates gainfully employed by UGWUANYI’s administration.

On Security
Ugwuanyi’administration has reformed the Neighbourhood watch programme, created the Forest Guards, supported community policing ,and provided modern gadgets, equipment and logistics support to the relevant official security agencies in the state. Enugu state is now the peaceful and safest state in Nigeria.

On Rural Development,
Governor Ugwuanyi has constructed and continue to construct all year accessible roads to every community, in partnership with the local govt area councils.. He has concentrated more infrastructure in the rural and neglected communities. He has planted atleast one project in every autonomous community across the state.

In Conclusion
I believe Governor Ugwuanyi’s vision, which he outlined in 2015, has been implemented and commissioned.

I believe Ugwuanyi has fought the good fight, finished his race and has kept his faith

Now Enugu state has been made a better haven in the committee of state.

Long live Gburugburu!
Long live Enugu state!

Enugu state is in the hands of God!

Hon. Calistus Onyekachukwu Onyia


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