With the spate of the killings going on the country engendered by the marauding Fulani herdsmen and in the light of some recent fears expressed in some quarters that the ISIS and ALQUEDA terrorist groups are at the verge of making inroads to the Southern Nigeria, it becomes a matter of urgent and tremendous concern for every government to review and renew its security apparatus. This is because the primary and the most essential responsibility of any government is to secure human lives and properties and it is on the heels of this premise that I deem it appropriate and timely to take a closer look at the strategies put in place by Ugwuanyi’s administration to forestall any possible security breach or breakdown. With our rapt awareness of the chilling case of the evergreen 2016 Nimbo attack that left 46 members of the community dead and other subsequent attacks in the hands of the dreaded Fulani invaders, the manner with which His Excellency, Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi handled the situation before and after speaks volume of his serious disposition to security matters in the state. To forestall any similar occurrence , the governor with immediate alacrity mobilised the military alongside other security outfits and ensured the construction of a new military base at Nimbo , foisting a strong collaborative security presence in the area and its suburbs.

In a similar development, when it appeared as if some ill-informed kidnappers were having their ways unchecked at Umuogbua Ihe-Agbogugu- Ogbaku-Amuri and Isu Awaa -Agbudu communities along Enugu/Port Harcourt Express way in Awgu Local Government Area in the event of the killing of a catholic reverend father and the kidnapping of a traditional ruler along with his wife within that axis, Gburu Gburu without further prompting took the bull by the horn; visited the area by himself and swung into action by ordering the demolition and outright clearance of the dangerously thick forest that harboured series of caves suspected to be the hideout of the hideous kidnappers. And of course, after concerted efforts by the security operatives, some of the culprits were nabbed as they confessed to the crimes. Without much ado, most people living around that zone would admit without any reluctance that those efforts put in place by Ugwuanyi’s administrative machinery are paying off as such incidence have dramatically reduced and we won’t be considered generous if we raise a resounding applause for the governor for such timely responsiveness.

Nevertheless, today, the people of ENUGU can really testify that the governor did not sleep when he discovered the attendant negativities of allowing the marauding Fulani herdsmen unfettered access to our farmlands without adequate checks as he immediately swung into action. IFEANYI UGWUANYI took it upon himself to revamp and strengthen the operation of the Neighbourhood Watch throughout the state by equipping them with arms and security gadgets and engaging them in the requisite security trainings. To augment his efforts, the governor took a step further by inaugurating the Forest Guards, empowering them with several motorcycles and vehicles and placing them on salary. By making such bold decision, the strange “unknown” bloodthirsty gunmen became scared and of course have been going into hiding. They have continued to retreat as the governor continues his move with no iota of fear. In some cases, Ugwuanyi even doled out some financial compensation to some communities that have fallen victim of the herdsmen carnage and such display must be seen as a move borne out real sense of responsibility and someone like me must stand up and applaud the governor. It is also worthy of note that the governor while taking such sensitive decisions also ensured that every action falls within the ambit of the law as a law abiding citizen .

Therefore, in trying to tackle the menacing herdsmen carnage in Enugu state, Gburu Gburu has not only restored our belief and hope that Enugu remains one of the safest states in Nigeria but has also created employment to the courageous and patriotic citizens of the state and is gradually turning the state to another tourist hub within this geopolitical zone. In inference, without any prevarication, Gburu Gburu knowing that the security man keeps awake in vain if God is not on duty never relented in keeping ENUGU STATE IN THE HANDS OF GOD..




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