Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Reason For #EndSARS Protest Across Nigeria


Pastor Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has said nepotism, tribalism, oppression and subjugation was the reason for the ongoing #EndSARS protest.

In a video broadcast entitled, ”The Way of Peace,” Pastor Enenche said the ongoing protest by Nigerian youths was a loud condemnation of impunity in Nigeria.

Reacting to the protest, the clergyman also decried how a section of the country was in charge of juicy positions in government while other zones look helplessly.

Enenche said: “There is no peace where there are massive injustice, unfairness and lack of equity.

“There can be no peace in the face of oppression, suppression and subjugation of one people by another.

“There can be no peace in the face of nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, religionism and every form of such prejudice. There can be no peace in the midst of deprivation, poverty and hunger.”

“People have clamoured for restructuring. It is the devolution of power; otherwise, there may be dissolution of union. It happened in other places and we pray and trust God it doesn’t happen in our nation.

“It is not time to play the ostrich and hide the under. What is not confronted cannot be conquered. In medicine we called something the debridement of wound, you expose wounds in other to repair them.

“It is time to tell the truth because people have been suppressed, subdued, subjugated and treated as if they don’t reason.

“Nigeria is one of the most intelligent nations in the world. Our doctors and our professionals are the most intelligent in the world. It is time for us to sit up and say these things must be corrected,” he added.


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