Private sector kicks off coalition to grow Enugu through Peter Mbah’s candidacy



To implement the collective vision to take Enugu State to the next level by fostering growth and development, a group of intellectual business minds has come together to form a coalition to usher in the Grow Enugu Agenda Project (GEAP) to support Barr. Peter Mbah’s ambition to become the next governor of the state.

The establishment of this support group is characterized by the strong belief in his capacity to bring much-needed development to the State and for good reason.

Understanding that the growth of each economy is majorly dependent on the business operations carried out in that economy, the private sector businesses understand the significance of establishing a group like this — a group of SMEs, and entrepreneurs spread across different economically-viable sectors in Enugu State.


These businesses can align their policies and operations with the proposed transformative Peter Mbah-led government that will enhance the living conditions of its residents.

The coalition focuses on bringing together the business community consisting of micro-enterprises, SMEs, private sector business owners, and other intellectual individuals who are passionate about a better Enugu State and have a dogged mindset to implement the lines of action needed to achieve the main goal.

Through this project, the coalition aims to deliver on certain specific objectives which are in line with the vision shared by all the project stakeholders. Some of these objectives include:

Ensuring the continuous exchange of creative and functional ideas among the intellectual business minds as well as the government;

Equipping the youths with valuable skills and resources through available partnerships on the platforms created; and

Sharing the Peter Mbah story with Ndi Enugu (in Nigeria and diaspora) through online and offline endeavors.

The project will explore and identify a diverse range of impactful programmes that are viable in bringing these desired changes to life in the State. In a bid to ensure continuous progress and development, the project seeks to achieve an ideal environment where members of the Enugu society can join hands together to see that these objectives are fulfilled.

The Grow Enugu Agenda Project is an endeavor with only one major goal making sure that there is a positive shift in the State’s affairs. Building the State to meet its economic potential in the South-East and Nigeria as a whole is what this project will continue to be about and that is why the coalition is making it a point of duty to promote Peter Mbah as the candidate of choice.

Based on the group‘s perspective, the decision is not one that was made on a whim as it took an intense level of scrutiny of his records to reach a consensus on why he should be the candidate of choice. Needless to say, the main purpose of the project is to foster progress and development in the State, the group strongly believes there is no stronger candidate than the man vying for the highest office in the State and has been proven beyond doubt to deliver.

Promoting Peter Mbah’s candidacy is the priority of the Grow Enugu Agenda Project because his breakthrough in the Private sector has made it clear that his priority lies in improving the State’s ecosystem. Because of this, it then becomes evident why his candidacy is fully backed up by the private sector.

The coalition intends to bring forward the numerous great qualities of Peter Mbah which present him as the best candidate for the governorship seat and the person most capable of delivering on the growth and development desired by the residents of the State. The group maintains that his track records, personality, personal story, and current political standing all provide ample evidence as to why it would be of immense benefit to Enugu citizens if he is elected governor and why it is a movement everyone should get behind.

The residents of Enugu must stay objective and continue to prioritize the growth and development of the state. With Peter Mbah’s current standing, the coalition is clear on what his mandate is and why his candidacy should be met with full support. The coalition is aiming for impact and there is a strong belief that the impact would be achieved if there is adequate support for Barr. Peter Mbah to become governor to bring the desired developments to the State


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