2023 Presidency, H.E, Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, The Only Consensus Choice Of The Southeast


Following the recent heated debate on PDP Presidential zoning of her party ticket as a flag bearer for the 2023 Presidential election, owing to the fact that the Southeast zone has been pressing for a compensation, that the PDP consider her to fly the party’s ticket for the office of the President as the 2023 elections continue to gather more momentum.

Recall, that the Southeast geopolitical zone has been with PDP, and as such have remained faithful and committed with the party since its formation by the founding fathers in 1998, championed by one of her own illustrious son, H.E, late Dr. Alex Ekwueme, the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Second Republic, who led a group of G38 that nurtured the birth of this great party for our national interests, unity and cohesion, along side with H.E, late Chief Solomon Lar. History record it that the zone have never been considered by the leadership of the party to lead the national affairs of this country, having given PDP all that they have in term of national conscience, unalloyed loyalty, steadfast and uncompromising integrity.

Therefore, as the party has successfully elected her national officers, through a unity list that conforms the consensus building of the internal party mechanism, propelled by the governors of the party who are now, holding so grip in running the affairs of its household, the (PDP). This success of this national convention and with the fact that the party’s national chairman had emerged from the North, vis-a-vis the North Central part of the country, it is crystal clear that the position of the party to zone her presidential ticket would be that of the Southeast. Hence, the zone’s unanimous adoption of their best material of a consensus candidate for the party without any rancor or disagreements from the people on the choice of Enugu governor, H.E, Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to be presented to the leadership of the party for her Presidential flag, come next year’s primary elections.

It has became abundantly clear that we cannot afford to sit in limbo like a bird while political alignments and realignments are seriously going on who should go for us to the Presidency as the big game for the 2023, approaches. Therefore, we must have to project our own for the coveted highest office in the land for he is the best in the Southeast for now, having placed some factors into major considerations. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is always the best in all ramifications; an empirical proofs to this claim abound to his national demonstration of navigating the most trying time of the party’s internal leadership crisis to determine the next lifespan of the party through his humane tributes in honestly directing the zoning formation of the current national officers elected on 30th and 31st October, 2021 at the nation’s capital territory eagle square Abuja.

For the past 6years of his solid governance in Enugu, the governor had amazingly steered the affairs of the state to the point that Enugu people automatically became the envious of the national in peace building and handshake across the Niger. This has formerly translated to tangible environmental friendly that the citizens and non citizens have continue to enjoy under the purview of the doctrine of our oneness as a nation. The laudable perception of this great achievement of the governor on uncompromised peace and security of the lives of the people living in the state irrespective of your tribe, religion or ethnic nationality, is now uncommonly placed in every lips, including that of his detractors.

A recent appraisal of the performances of the 36 state Governors in Nigeria, according to a confirmed research methodology place our own governor, Rivers State, Oyo and Lagos states and few others as best performing governors in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture, education and rural-urban renewal; and Governor Ugwuanyi blazed the trail in the overall analytical assessment without much internal and external state borrowing to mitigating the yearnings of the people. And as we rolled out the drums in celebration of his governance and the safety of Ndi Enugu and some Nigerians from other tribes domiciled in the state for their business, especially the Hausa/Fulani community, some highly prestigious media houses, conferred on our dear governor the outstanding leadership merits awards as best governor in Nigeria, in the areas of infrastructures such as rural good roads network, revamping and restructuring of the state school system with the appointment of over five thousand (5,000.00) most qualified primary school teachers across the 17 LGAs in the state. Its base on this premise that it becomes germane to reel a view of H.E, Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s performance so far in the past six eventful years of his uncommon action packed administration that delivers my verdict.

To start with the infrastructural accomplishment of our dear governor, when juxtaposed with the recent revenue profile of Enugu state, stands the governor’s shoulder high above his contemporaries as a leader with the midas touch, who turns anything he touches into gold. Based on the above standpoint, its obvious that governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi towers above many other governors of the federation, both present and past in inclusive leadership history. Meanwhile, one may ask the secret of the governor Ugwuanyi’s feat? One is that the governor espouses zero tolerance for corruption and in that light, he does not allow government officials free hand to fritter and cart away public resources. This also angers some of those who are not comfortable with his administration’s rules of engagement as it concerns intolerance of corruption and state brigandage. Recent example of such is the shameful resignation of office, the immediate served Enugu commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, Dr Nnam, who lacks the required integrity to continue serving this administration due to his many sins in public Land grabbing.

Suffice to say, in the old Enugu, we were rated as the most primitive and backward state in the Southeastern Nigeria, and one of the most underdeveloped in Nigeria, leaving the most rural communities abandoned and neglected without any recourse to the previous government who does little in the urban without proper documentation that major population of Enugu state are domiciled in the 260 political wards. But today, it is totally a success story and great accomplishments as things have drastically and completely changed within the twinkle of an eye. At this juncture, it is imperative that I state some infrastructural and indeed other laudable achievements of our dear governor. For records, there are roads whose durability is incomparable anywhere in Nigeria, we have a constant maintenance of our streetlights which have made the night look like day time in our dear state, governor Ugwuanyi has no rival in the race to the Presidency and ensuring that he clinches the 2023 Presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a task that must be done.

On the other sectors that have bearing on the good lives of Ebonyi people. Ndi Enugu, governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has performed wonders without collect a loan from the Islamic banking such as some of his colleague governors does. A case study of Ebonyi state government who collected almost a trillion naira 50years repayment plan to challenge its infrastructures. Governor Ugwuanyi have decided not to plunge the entire state into a burden of economic deficits in the future, remain very prudent in harmonizing and judicious applications of our lean resources from the Federation account to paying the state civil servants, deployment of overall allocations to the state infrastructures, especially opening up the rural areas with over 90 percent work done to lifting the deplorable conditions of the 4.8million population of those in the remote communities which his administration has been able to transform into mega cities.

Conclusively, giving the unbeatable records of the administration of H.E Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, it is very outstanding and astonishing achievements, that Nigerians have to give him the opportunity to provide the needed leadership that will more unite our people and prove his mettle at the Presidency as he who only have a national acceptance to restore the lost dignity of Nigeria.

Let rescue our country together with the choice of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Bibian Anekwe news added; ” Service is not doing whats required of us. Service is doing more than what is required of us”.

written by

Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku.


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