Enugu 2023: How Much Poison Can a Regime Tolerate?


Negative propaganda is one of the strong pejorative term in our current political space. It is an important tool for revulsion in Politics especially at a time like this. At a time like this, many stories are fabricated originating from political jobbers whose stock in trade is to tarnish the foundational image of the current government under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi. Since the second tenure of the current administration in Enugu State, there has been attacks over the government policies and allegations against the governor who is a God sent to Enugu State. The recent political development in the State saw the attack coming from all fronts in the bid to assassinate the humane character of our Governor.

However, the growing popularity of the executive Governor of Enugu State in all fronts has made the opposition a sleepiness night. Ever since the current administration started, it has been a smooth ride and because the governor placed God first, he could be able to survive two economic recession since the existence of Nigeria. Despite the economic woes befalling our State, he never relent in providing good governance to the people of the with the lean resources in his disposal. Not minding the lack of resources and shortfall from the federal allocation, the administration is busy carrying our capital projects and fulfilling her mandate in recurrent expenditures at a time some States could not pay salaries. With all these sacrifices and effort of the current administration, political jobbers whose stock in trade is to spread negative propaganda of the alleged deal of 5billion naira deal with Governor Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi and Mr. Peter Mba as Chimaroke Nnamani was mentioned as guarantor.

Conversely, it is be noted that the emergency of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi as the governor of Enugu State was a miracle owing to his humility, transparency, accountability and avowed simplicity which endeared ndi Enugu to him. Since then he has been putting his efforts in ensuring that even the common man felt the presence of his administration and yet some person’s have vowed to destroy the legacy he built.

We understand the plan of the warriors who wanted to turn Enugu State into a battle field as a result of peanut they received from desperados but they have failed for the second time because Enugu people have understood the game plan and we never take them serious.

The current administration have performed above board despite the economic challenges confronting but yet trying to fulfill their mandate and yet it is the most attacked government since the history of the State. This is possible because of the peaceful nature of our Governor who have given the State the authority to exercise his/her right in the freedom of information as enshrined in our constitution and despite the abuses, yet the administration continue to wax stronger.

Many social media warrior has been raised to discredit the current administration in the State and cause bad blood the governor and the people but all the evil plan has no place in our political space because an honest man is in charge. The governor is a true Christian which he has demonstrated it in theory and practice and cannot associate in idolatory. He is the first governor to build a worship center inside the government house. This demonstrated his love for God and man.

Ndi Enugu, how many poison can this administration  take and we say it is enough? It is time to rebuke these propagandists who are spreading rumours and align with a man who have given us happiness and good governance initiatives no matter the circumstances of the time. It is obvious that the function of the poison in a system is crucial but only up to a point.

The unfounded attack on our amiable governor will not deter him from anointing a prefer candidate we all will support and in conclusion, oji akwa asa aru mara onwe ya.


Reporting by
Jude Chijioke Achu



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